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Chapter 1588: The Thieves Are Planning To Make A Move (5)

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When the Silver Hands notification letter appeared in front of the city lords mansion, the entire city was in an uproar.

No one knew when the notification letter was placed outside the mansion, but everyone recognized the brand of the Silver Hands.

For a moment, Sun Never Sets exploded.

The notification letter contained five treasures, and the tone in the letter was extremely arrogant.

In an instant, the citizens of Sun Never Sets were enraged.

Werent the Silver Hands too bold

How dare they come to their city and provoke them Did they think that there was no one in Sun Never Sets

Without waiting for Shen Yanxiaos instructions, the demons and citizens of Sun Never Sets automatically formed a search team.

Anyone who showed any suspicious signs would be interrogated, and they also would patrol outside the City Lords Mansion for twenty-four hours.

Three layers of security surrounded the entire mansion.

In the City Lords Mansion, Shen Yanxiao lazily sat on a chair and was happily eating a bowl of grapes.

Qi Xia, Tang Nazhi, Yang Xi and Lan Fengli sat by her side.

A few days ago, Li Xiaowei had boarded a ship with Yan Yu to the Moon God Continent.

“Qi Xia, I think you can change your name.

Dont call yourself Qi Xia.

Isnt it better to call yourself a jinx!” Tang Nazhi looked at Qi Xia with a crafty smile.

A few days ago, he was tricked by this fox to help him write a list.

For that list, he wrote for a long time and almost broke his hand.

Qi Xia raised his brow and lightly said, “Then you should change your name as well.

Call me Mr.


Tang Nazhi blushed.

That night, he was tricked by Qi Xia into writing a list.

As Young Master Tang was getting so sleepy that he could not take it anymore, he had made a lot of mistakes with a wave of his hand and even got ridiculed by Qi Xia, his friend.

“That was an accident! I was sleepy that day.” Tang Nazhi protested.

That was a huge stain in his life!

“Practice makes perfect.

If the handwriting is good, it can be neat even if its smeared.

How long has it been since youve touched a pen How can you list wrongly when you are just listing the gifts from the four countries” Qi Xia smiled and looked at Tang Nazhi, not minding that he had exposed his shortcomings.

Tang Nazhi unhappily snorted.

“Im not a scholar, why would I need a pen! My hand is used to hold a sword and protect my country!”

He was very ambitious!

“Its scary to be uneducated.” Yang Xi sighed.

“…” Tang Nazhi felt even more depressed.

Werent they discussing the Silver Hands Why did the topic involve him again

Those bastards, dont they feel uncomfortable all over if they dont hurt him

“Im going to ignore the both of you!” Tang Nazhi became arrogant! He turned to Shen Yanxiao who was enjoying her grapes and said, ” Xiaoxiao, this Silver Hands has stepped on your face.

Why are you acting like nothing has happened”

Can you be more courageous

Some thieves were already thinking about her treasury, and she still was in the mood to eat grapes!

Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes and swallowed the grape in her mouth.

She said calmly, “Then what should I do” Follow the citizens and demons in the city and patrol around

“You should at least be prepared! As far as I know, the Silver Hands have never made a mistake.

This announcement has already been issued and if they succeed, how embarrassing would it be for us” Tang Nazhi angrily said.

“Prepare for what The state treasury of the four countries has been guarded to that extent, yet they were still reduced to that extent.

Let them be.” Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

She was not affected by Tang Nazhis hot-bloodedness at all.

“Then let them steal it” Tang Nazhi glared at Shen Yanxiao.

When did this little girl become so generous

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