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Chapter 1587: The Thieves Are Planning To Make A Move (4)

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The moment they checked, they discovered that Shen Yanxiao had posted the list of presents sent by the four countries.

The scouts soon discovered five of their targets and went back to report.

The leader of Silver Hands then asked Gu Qingming to lead six capable subordinates to follow the vine to fish out the melon.

“Showing off Thats a pretty good word.

Isnt that how our Silver Hands have always operated” Gu Qingming propped his chin and revealed a smile.

His already handsome face coupled with that lethal smile made the few girls on the table nearby blush and caused their hearts to beat faster.

What an elegant young master.

Who could associate such a handsome young master with the second-in-command of a thieving den

Speaking of ostentatiousness, the Silver Hands were rather coquettish.

They would send out a notification to the other party before they took action against any valuable items.

They would only take action after the other party had made proper preparations.

Everyone in the Brilliance Continent knew that the God Realm and the Broken Star Palace were two behemoths that no one dared to provoke.

If the God Realm and the Broken Star Palace were tigers, then the Silver Hands were cruel and crafty foxes.

They were low-key, but high-profile in their actions.

Not only would they steal something, but they would also anger the owner to death.

No matter how strict the security was, the items would still end up in their pockets.

Up till now, no one knew where the Silver Hands den was.

When the Silver Hands reached out their evil claws towards the state treasury of the four countries, the rulers of the four countries were furious and sent their armies to destroy their den.


Even after searching through thousands of mountains and rivers, they could not find the entrance to the Silver Hands.

They were definitely a group of evil organizations that were arrogant, ostentatious, wretched, despicable and crafty!

Even though the Silver Hands did things with arrogance, they had their own principles.

They would never steal from the poor.

Not only would they not steal from the poor, but they would also distribute the stolen gold coins to the citizens from time to time.

Of course, they had to keep the treasures for themselves.

Therefore, even though the Silver Hands were regarded as despicable by the officials and aristocrats, the poor commoners were very supportive of them.

“Hehe, second-in-charge, are we also going to send a notice to Shen Yanxiao this time” The man rubbed his palms as he felt that this challenge was extremely exciting.

Previously, their goal was a group of idiots who only knew how to enjoy themselves.

But this time, their goal was the Lord of the Forsaken Land that had caused a sensation throughout the entire continent!

“Why Are you afraid” Gu Qingming quirked his brow.

“Afraid Impossible! We cant be happier.

If we can get something from Shen Yanxiao, wouldnt that be so cool! I heard that Shen Yanxiao was already a second class expert before she reached adulthood, and shes also a genius in both magic and battle aura.

Such a target is simply too exciting!” The members of Silver Hands were all crazy.

They loved to take risks and seek excitement.

“I will inform you of the time to release the news.

Remember, the target this time is not ordinary, and you must be careful not to be followed by Shen Yanxiaos men.

You have to know that not only are there humans under Shen Yanxiao, but there are also a large number of demons.

Demons have a sensitive sense of smell, so you have to remember to conceal your aura.” Gu Qingming chuckled.

His expression seemed calm and collected, but his eyes were flickering with flames of anticipation..

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