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Chapter 1586: The Thieves Are Planning To Make A Move (3)

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The Forsaken Land had returned to its former peaceful state.

More and more people were pouring into the Forsaken Land.

Some organizations that had been observing the situation had also made plans to be on good terms with Shen Yanxiao.

The five main cities in the Forsaken Land were fully open to the public.

Other than the fact that Sun Never Sets no longer recruited new members, the other four cities had begun to recruit elites.

However, even though Sun Never Sets did not accept people, there were still many people who came after the city was opened.

Everyone was curious about this powerful city that could withstand two wars.

Even if they could not join, they had to admire it.

A large number of people entered Sun Never Sets for a tour, and it was bustling with activity.

The shops on both sides of the street were open for everyone to see.

Even though the items sold here were no different from the other four main cities, the people who came to Sun Never Sets still wanted to bring some souvenirs back.

Sun Never Sets had become the number one city in the Brilliance Continent.

As a profiteer, how could Qi Xia let go of such a good opportunity to make money He asked every shop to produce a batch of toys with Sun Never Setss City of Ming printed on it.

The sales of these toys were extremely good.

To the current Shen Yanxiao, money was merely a string of numbers.

She had an entire box of interspatial rings filled with money and other than gold coins, she had locked all the other rare treasures in the storeroom.

The endowment of the citizens of Sun Never Sets had crushed the capital of the four countries.

It was a pity that the city was no longer recruiting people.

Otherwise, those who yearned to enter Sun Never Sets would probably start fighting.

A few young men mingled with the crowd and entered the legendary city.

They were dressed in ordinary clothes, but their appearance could be considered delicate and pretty.

They came to the largest inn in Sun Never Sets and found a seat by the window.

“Say, second-in-charge, why did you personally come out this time” A slightly younger young man looked at the most handsome man among them and asked.

“Sun Never Sets is now teeming with people, so I am interested to take a look.” The handsome man smiled and looked at the bustling crowd on the street.

“I think thats it.

There are too many people, and the Forsaken Land is barren to begin with.

Even though we have reclaimed a piece of land, just looking at the gray sky is boring.

If not for the previous two wars, Sun Never Sets would be the same.

Second-in-charge, you dont have to come this time.

Are you still worried about us Our leader is too cautious.” One of the young men disagreed.

“If you ask me, I dont think Shen Yanxiao is smart.

Who would she post all the presents she received from others Isnt that too ostentatious” Another person said.

“Ha, who cares Isnt she saving us the trouble We only lack five of the items that our boss wants, and all of them are in Shen Yanxiaos hands.

It would be great if we could resolve this in one go.” Their voices were not loud and coupled with the fact that the inn was crowded, no one noticed what they were saying.

All of them were members of the Silver Hands, the number one thiefs den in the Brilliance Continent.

The handsome man seated on one side was the second-in-command of the Silver Hands, Gu Qingming.

Previously, they received news that the four countries had given all the treasures they had locked onto to Shen Yanxiao, the City Lord of Sun Never Sets.

That was why their leader had sent someone to investigate..

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