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Chapter 1581: Cooperation (1)

Shen Yanxiao did not return to Sun Never Sets directly.

She just asked Lan Fengli to return first while she went to Twilight City.

In Twilight City, everything was still the same.

Elder Wen, who had been scared out of his wits some time ago, did not dare to stay in the Forsaken Land for a long time.

He was afraid that Shen Yanxiao would cause trouble, causing everything in the Twilight City to return to Duan Hens hands.

Night fell and Twilight City was silent.

Duan Hen sat by the lotus pond alone and looked at the fish in the pond.

“City Lord Duans personality is pretty good.” A voice that was laced with a smile suddenly sounded behind Duan Hen.

Duan Hen turned around in surprise and looked at the unfamiliar yet somewhat familiar face standing before him.

“Shen Yanxiao” Duan Hen asked with uncertainty.

“Why You dont remember my appearance after a year” Shen Yanxiao smiled and asked.

Duan Hen said, “City Lord Shen has changed a lot.” She had become even more beautiful.

Shen Yanxiao touched her face.

Perhaps it was because she would sweep a glance at the mirror every day, but she did not notice the changes.

Instead, Tang Nazhi and the rest said that her facial features had become more exquisite.

From a little girl to a young lady, Shen Yanxiaos stunning appearance had blossomed.

“Really I dont think so.”

“City Lord Shen has graced me with your presence in the middle of the night.

I believe you must have something to tell me.

The night is chilly.

City Lord Shen, please come to my study.” Duan Hen spoke with grace.

Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders and followed Duan Hen into the study.

Looking at the increasingly stunning Shen Yanxiao, Duan Hen felt unusually calm.

“Ive heard about the four-nation alliance attacking Sun Never Sets some time ago.

Is City Lord Shen here for that”

“Why do you think so” Shen Yanxiao raised her brow.

Duan Hen chuckled and said, “The news of City Lord Shen visiting the Longxuan Empire and the Blue Moon Dynasty has spread throughout the four countries.

As far as I know, Elder Wen has been in a state of anxiety for a long time.

He did not even dare to take another step into Twilight City.

I believe he is afraid that City Lord Shen would find trouble with him again.”

Shen Yanxiao curled her lips.

Her relationship with the leaders of the four countries was very delicate, and her relationship with Elder Wen and Qu Xun was the worst.

The two of them had also regarded her as an eyesore.

And now, Qu Xun was dead, and the news of Qu Rui beingcured by Shen Yanxiao had also spread to Elder Wen.

Elder Wen was deeply afraid that Shen Yanxiaos next target would be him.

So right now, he was hidden in the Elders Council, not daring to take a step out.

He pretended to be sick all day long, fearing that Shen Yanxiaos next destination would be the Seventh Kingdom.

“Find trouble with him Hes overestimating himself.” Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

She was not interested in wasting her breath with Elder Wen, that stubborn old man.

“Rest assured.

I have no plans to go to the Seventh Kingdom, and I am not prepared to settle this debt with them.

I am here for our previous collaboration.”

Duan Hens heart skipped a beat.

Shen Yanxiao said, “We had an agreement that day.

If you can manage Twilight City and display your strength, I will agree to your request.

Even though I am not in the Brilliance Continent during this period, I know a lot about Twilight City.”

Duan Hen was also someone who dared to speak and act.

Although he had been suppressed by the Elders Council, he gradually squeezed Elder Wen out of the core circle of Twilight City with his loyal followers.

If not for that, Twilight City would have participated in the war.

Luckily, Twilight City did not suffer any damage from this war, which proved Duan Hens efforts over the past year.

Only those with strength deserved to be cooperated with..

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