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Chapter 1576:Being Brainless Is An Illness (5)

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Qu Ruis roar echoed in the quiet hall and everyones gaze focused on this young master with swollen eyes.

Evidently, Qu Rui did notenlighten these lords.

Instead, he had attracted countless hatred towards him!

“Lord Shen, this guy is crazy.

Please dont make things difficult for him.

His father failed to adapt to the circumstances and he has gone crazy from fright.

He would shout and cry in the main hall all day long.

His Majesty is just being kind and considerate since he has gone crazy.

Therefore, we did not punish him.

Lord Shen, what he said just now was just empty talk.

Please dont take it to heart!” One of the princes immediately jumped out to clear their relationship.

Was Qu Rui sick of living How dare he ask them to capture Shen Yanxiao

“Yes, yes, yes! Lord Shen, dont be calculative with a madman.

Ill have someone take him away right now.” The King nodded while wiping his cold sweat.

“Men… oh, just the few of you, drag this madman away.

Dont disturb my conversation with Lord Shen.” The King immediately pointed at the few viscounts and ordered them to drag Qu Rui away.

If Qu Rui continued to cause trouble, it would be hard for Shen Yanxiao to not explode!

Those who were called out immediately dragged Qu Rui up and tried to pull him out.

Qu Rui was struck dumb.

What the heck

Why did everyone in the room change

He suddenly thought of something and cursed at Shen Yanxiao.

“Shen Yanxiao, you despicable bastard! Did you cast a curse on His Majesty and the rest You bitch! You caused my fathers death and now, youre trying to bewitch His Majesty to cause my death! You bitch! You must die a horrible death! Your Majesty! Wake up, Your Majesty! Dont be bewitched by that bitch!”

Recalling Shen Yanxiaos profession, Qu Rui immediately guessed that Shen Yanxiao must have cast a curse on the people in the hall.

The King facepalmed and did not even want to look at Qu Rui.

What the heck!

I, your father, am very sober.

Instead, your brain is flooded with water.

You grabbed that little grandaunt and scolded her.

Dont tell me you want to cause everyone to die!!

“Hurry up and bring him down.

Dont talk nonsense here.”

“Wait,” Shen Yanxiao suddenly spoke.

“Lord Shen” Everyone looked at Shen Yanxiao in surprise.

All of them had their hearts in their throats.

Was she about to get angry

Shen Yanxiao stood up and slowly walked to Qu Ruis side.

Qu Rui tried his best to glare at Shen Yanxiao to make himself look more fierce, but his red and swollen eyes were hilarious.

“Ive seen many lunatics.

Coincidentally, I have a potion here that can cure mental injuries.

Its better to come at the right time.

The two of you, help Eldest Young Master Qu Rui open his mouth so that I can feed him the potion.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and looked at the frightened Qu Rui.

Qu Rui widened his eyes and shook his head in horror.

How could the two viscounts who rode on him dare to oppose Shen Yanxiao They directly reached out and roughly pried Qu Ruis mouth open.

Shen Yanxiao swiftly took out a bottle of dark green potion from her interspatial ring.

Under Qu Ruis despairing gaze, she opened the bottle cap and slowly poured the extremely bewitching potion into his mouth.

Shen Yanxiaos smile deepened as she admired Qu Ruis twisted face.

Being brainless was an illness that had to be cured!

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