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Chapter 1572: Being Brainless Is An Illness (1)

In the palace of the Blue Moon Dynasty, the King of the Blue Moon Dynasty was frowning.

At the bottom of the hall, Qu Rui was crying his eyes out.

It had been seven days since the soldiers of the Blue Moon Dynasty returned.

Since then, Qu Rui had been reporting to the palace every day, crying his heart out.

At first, the King tried to appease him, but after seven days, the King of the Blue Moon Dynasty only wanted to strangle this useless second-generation heir to death!

“Your Majesty, you have to uphold justice for my father! That Shen Yanxiao did not care if my father was dead or alive.

She left him outside Sun Never Sets and allowed him to be eaten by demon beasts.

She is simply insane.

You have to uphold justice for me!” Qu Rui cried out loud in the hall.

He cried for seven consecutive days.

His eyes were swollen like walnuts and his throat was hoarse from crying, but he did not give up.

Hearing from the returning soldiers, he learned that his father had lost his life in the Forsaken Land.

For Qu Rui, who had always relied on his father to bully others, this was simply a lightning bolt from the blue!

Without his father, who would he rely on in the future

The King speechlessly stared at Qu Rui, wishing he could give him a good beating.

What did he mean by Shen Yanxiao did not care about Qu Xuns life or death Did Qu Rui even understand why his father went to the Forsaken Land

He had led an army to attack Shen Yanxiao.

Not to mention not saving him, it was only right that she wanted to kill him.

With the return of the soldiers, the entire Blue Moon Dynasty was in misery.

Not to mention the heavy losses, only one of the commanders of the four countries had died, and it was from their Blue Moon Dynasty.

Qu Rui had been crying and making a din in the main hall all day long, causing the marquis and dukes to discuss among themselves.

“Qu Rui, your father sacrificed his life for the country.

The Blue Moon Dynasty will never forget your fathers sacrifice.

You should go back and rest.” A prince hastily persuaded Qu Rui when he saw that the King was about to explode.

This idiot, Qu Rui, did not realize that he had provoked public anger.

He said unwillingly, “My father died so tragically! Everyone could enter Sun Never Sets, so why did she leave him alone Shen Yanxiao is clearly evil! She hates me and my father, so she left him to die!”

Qu Rui could not understand.

The Blue Moon Dynasty had sent out so many soldiers, and tens of thousands of them had returned.

But why was his father, the commander-in-chief, dead

In his opinion, as long as someone from the Blue Moon Dynasty survived, that person must be his father.

“Those soldiers left their posts without permission! How dare they commit treason! Your Majesty, you cant let them off so easily! Otherwise, who would dare to lead an army in the future” Qu Rui hated Shen Yanxiao and those soldiers who came back alive.

As soldiers of the Blue Moon Dynasty, how could they allow their commander to stay in a dangerous place alone

Qu Xun did not enter the city, so those people should not have entered the city as well!

If those soldiers were to obstruct him, perhaps his father could still survive.

Qu Rui was the same as his father.

He never regarded soldiers as humans.

In his understanding, those soldiers should fight to the death to protect his fathers safety.

So what if they died How could their cheap lives compare to their fathers

Qu Rui was so angry that he ordered the King to execute those soldiers.

The Kings expression was ugly.

They had investigated everything that had happened in Sun Never Sets.

The fact that Shen Yanxiao was willing to let bygones be bygones and take in the soldiers from the four countries surprised the rulers of the Blue Moon Dynasty.

Even he would not do that.

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