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Chapter 1569: Little Vermilion Bird (3)

Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao thoughtfully and slowly said.

“Vermilion Bird is now a bird with the mentality of a fledgling.”

“…” Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

This was not the first time she had encountered such a situation.

Wasnt this also the reason why Little Phoenix clung onto Vermilion Bird


Why would Vermilion Bird regard Xiu as his family

He even called him daddy so naturally!

This did not make sense!

When Little Phoenix saw her for the second time, it did not want to stick to her like Vermilion Bird was doing to Xiu!

“Then will he return back to normal after he recovers his memories” Shen Yanxiao looked at the adorable little Vermilion Bird with a tangled expression.

Xiu slightly raised his eyebrows.

“You dont like it”

“What” Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

“He called me that.”

“…” Why did she feel that Great God Xiu seemed to be satisfied with the way he addressed her

“You dont mind” Shen Yanxiao probed.

“I think its great,” Xiu said with a straight face.

“Pfft…” Shen Yanxiao had the urge to die.

“Xiaoxiao.” Xiu suddenly said as he looked at Shen Yanxiao who had a rich expression on her face.


“You have to get used to it.”

“Get used to it”

“Even without Vermilion Bird, our child would still be called us like this in the future.” If she could not accept it now, how could she face her biological child in the future

“…” Shen Yanxiao looked as if she had been struck by lightning.

She stood rooted on the spot and stared at Xiu in shock.

Why did she feel that Xiu had a huge liking for the termdaddy

Their future child…

As someone who had only dated Xiu in all her life, Shen Yanxiao could not extend her thoughts to such a distant future.

“You like… kids” Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

She did not realize that Xiu was so caring.


“…” Then what child are you talking about!! Shen Yanxiao used her eyes to accuse Xiu.

“I only like our children.” Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao with a righteous gaze.

Shen Yanxiao was thoroughly defeated.

“Daddy, Im hungry…” The little Vermilion Bird who had just woken up looked at hisparents exchange of words and expressed that he wanted to eat.

Xiu turned around with the little Vermilion Bird in his arms and walked towards Taotie who was drawing circles in the corner.

“Eh” Taotie was still immersed in the atmosphere of being abandoned when he suddenly saw a pretty hand taking away the bag of steamed buns in his arms.

He looked up foolishly and did not realize what had happened.

“Eat it.” Xiu handed the steamed bun to the little Vermilion Bird.

The little Vermilion Bird looked at the steamed bun and then at the weeping Taotie.

All of a sudden, he chuckled and took a bite of the bun that was as big as his head.

He even made a sound of satisfaction.

“Steamed bun… my…” Taotie cried.

He looked at the steamed bun that was snatched away by a certain great god with teary eyes and revealed a heartbroken expression.

As the little Vermilion Bird enjoyed the steamed buns, he looked at Taotie who was weeping in pain.

The smile in his eyes was obvious.

“Cough, I have some water here.” Lan Fengli finally recovered from his shock and pretended to be calm as he handed his water bag to the little Vermilion Bird.

The little Vermilion Bird looked at Lan Fengli and chuckled.

“Uncle, youre a good person.”

“…” Lan Fengli felt himself floating…

Shen Yanxiao watched everything in silence.

Something suddenly flashed across her originally shocked eyes.


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