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Chapter 1563: Demonstration (2)

Shen Yanxiaos last move had won a great deal of reputation among the soldiers of the four countries.

After they returned to their own countries, the soldiers under Jiang Wan were full of praise for the city lord who kept her word.

“Is it really possible” The Emperor looked at Jiang Wan with uncertainty.

Jiang Wan said, “There shouldnt be a problem.

Otherwise, Shen Yanxiao would not have needed to release us.

Even though her forces were damaged, she had two holy beasts with her.

The four-nation alliance only has three to four hundred thousand troops left.

If she had the intention to kill us, those two holy beasts would have been enough to deal with us.”

Even Jiang Wan did not expect to return alive.

The Emperor pondered for a moment.

He was well aware of the current situation.

The Broken Star Palace was heartless and had pushed the Longxuan Empire to the edge.

He did not wish to become enemies with Shen Yanxiao.

“Immediately send construction materials and gold coins to Sun Never Sets! Shen Yanxiao needs to rebuild the ruined city.

These should be what she needs.

I hope she will accept our apology after she sees all this.” The Emperor decisively chose Jiang Wans suggestion.

“The Emperor is wise!” Jiang Wan breathed a sigh of relief.

After Long Yue heard his fathers decision, he finally relaxed.

The Emperor gave the order and Jiang Wan immediately went to carry it out.

State Master Pei Yuan also got busy.

After the gifts were delivered, the Emperor tossed and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep.

Provoking Shen Yanxiao was definitely the worst decision he had made since he ascended the throne.

The Emperor spent the past few days in regret and anxiety.

That night, the Emperor had a headache facing a pile of twists and turns in the imperial study.

All of a sudden, he felt the ground beneath his feet tremble and the tables and chairs in the study room began to shake.

The Emperors first reaction was…

An earthquake

But before the Emperor could escape from the study, the guards in the palace rushed to the door.

“Reporting to the Emperor… outside… outside…” The guards face was pale.

He could not even speak clearly.

“What exactly happened” The Emperor frowned and asked.

“Two holy beasts suddenly appeared outside the palace!” The soldier cried without tears.

The size of those two huge beasts was too terrifying.

He had never seen such a huge magical beast in his life and he nearly peed on the spot.

“What!” The Emperor trembled.

Two holy beasts

As far as he knew, the only holy beast in the Brilliance Continent was…

The Emperors face turned pale.

Could it be that Shen Yanxiao was unwilling to accept their apology


The envoy with their gifts should not have arrived yet!

Even if it was rejected, there was no need to bring a holy beast to their doorstep to slap their faces!

The Emperors heart trembled.

The roars of the two holy beasts pierced through the sky, causing the Emperors ears to hurt.

Just as the Emperor was secretly wiping his tears for the tragic scene that was about to happen, a voice filled with a teasing tone sounded from the study behind him.

“Emperor, long time no see.

Are you well”

The Emperor shivered and turned his head stiffly.

On a chair in the study room, Shen Yanxiao propped her chin with a smile and crossed her legs as she looked at him.

Beside Shen Yanxiao, a handsome young man radiating strong killing intent stared at the Emperors pale complexion.

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