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Chapter 1556: New Beginning (1)

Because of the little Phoenixs desperation, Vermilion Bird finally managed to keep his life.

The Phoenixs Flames of Nirvana had fused Little Phoenix and Vermilion Birds mental energy together.

However, instead of saying that they had fused together, it would be better to say that they had established a link.

Shen Yanxiao hugged the little Vermilion Bird and looked at Little Phoenix in its arms.

Little Phoenix that had gone through nirvana had evidently grown bigger and its fiery red feathers were somewhat similar to Vermilion Bird.

“Even though its a link, honestly speaking, its rather similar to the contract between a magical beast and a human.

This child has established a mental link with Vermilion Bird, and it can maintain a connection with it using mental energy in the future.

Furthermore, during the process of his rebirth, Vermilion Birds flames had brought about some effects, which would allow this childs control over flame to be more powerful than ordinary Phoenixes.” The male Phoenix was still considered calm.

Little Phoenix could be considered to have profited from a disaster.

Not every Phoenix could trigger the characteristic of rebirth when they died.

Little Phoenix had succeeded in one attempt and it was very likely related to its reliance on Vermilion Bird.

Even though Little Phoenix was still young, it had already regarded Vermilion Bird as its family.

Only by having the determination to die could it trigger the rebirth.

“Its good that youre fine, its good that youre fine.” Shen Yanxiao nodded while choking with sobs.

The fact that Vermilion Bird and Little Phoenix were still alive was the greatest comfort for her.

Perhaps it was because her mood fluctuated too much, or perhaps it was because the Wing of Death had consumed too much of her strength, Shen Yanxiao finally relaxed and fell asleep in Xius arms.

Xiu lowered his head and kissed Shen Yanxiaos forehead.

He took her place and completed the mission of ending the battle.

The two consecutive battles had dealt an unbearable blow to Sun Never Sets.

The number of low-ranked demons was reduced to one-tenth of its original numbers while the middle-ranked demons suffered more losses.

Even the advanced demons were reduced to half.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had lost more than twenty of their comrades.

The villagers who escaped from the Graveyard of the Sun with Uncle Nine had also suffered heavy casualties.

The battle was undoubtedly tragic, but after these two battles, the fierce reputation of Sun Never Sets would spread to every corner of the Brilliance Continent like a wildfire.

No one from the four countries would be willing to provoke these terrifying people.

Xiu released Jiang Wan, Elder Wen, and Shi Heng.

The three leaders had already heard the endless roars of beasts outside the dungeon.

When they walked out of Sun Never Sets and saw the mountain of corpses outside the city, they burst into tears.

“Sun Never Sets will provide you with a certain degree of treatment and you will have to leave immediately afterwards.

We dont care if you will honor your promise or not.

We just have to wait for whichever country wants to attack Sun Never Sets again.

Then, Sun Never Sets will come out in full strength and destroy that country.” Qi Xia gave the trio an ultimatum according to Xius instructions.

Jiang Wan and the others heard of that tragic battle from their soldiers.

Currently, Jiang Wan and Shi Heng truly admired Shen Yanxiaos personality from the bottom of their hearts.

She could have asked the soldiers of the four-nation alliance army to be the vanguard and send them to their deaths, but she did not use her public office to avenge private grudges.

“Please thank City Lord Shen on my behalf.

I, Shi Heng, am a man of my words.

As long as I, Shi Heng, am still alive, the God Wind Alliance will never trample the soil under you again.” Shi Heng was thoroughly convinced by Shen Yanxiaos character and strength.

“After I return to the country, I will certainly tell the Emperor everything.

I believe the Emperor will think it through.” Jiang Wan also expressed his attitude.

Only Elder Wen remained silent.

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