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Chapter 1553: Beast Tide (24)

Shen Yanxiao had fallen into madness and despair.

Taotie, who had a spiritual link with her, sensed Vermilion Birds spiritual energy disappearing at the same time.

Taotie stood rooted on the battlefield, not caring about the demon beasts around him.

Vermilion Bird was dead

How could this be…

That stinky guy who bullied him all day long, how did he… die just like that

“Roar!” Yazi noticed that Taotie was rooted on the spot.

He did not resist when the demon beasts bit him.

Seeing this, he immediately rushed to his side and tore those reckless demon beasts into pieces.

“Idiot! What are you doing!” Yazi glared at his brother, not understanding what was wrong with him.

Taotie looked at the direction where Vermilion Bird had fallen in a daze and suddenly let out a furious roar.

All of a sudden, it widened its mouth and a powerful stream of air sucked all the demon beasts around it into its mouth!

Kill them!

Kill them!

All of them deserved to die!

They would all be buried with Vermilion Bird!!

The killing intent hidden deep in Taoties heart had awakened.

He narrowed his eyes and swallowed countless demon beasts!

Nearly ten thousand demon beasts were swallowed by Taotie in an instant.

Taotie forced himself to absorb all the power of those demon beasts.

In an instant, his body suddenly expanded and his size doubled in the blink of an eye!

It was even larger than the Yazi!

This was Taoties true holy transformation!

At that very moment, Taotie was in its final form as a holy beast!

“Roar!!!” Taotie roared!

On the city walls of Sun Never Sets, Yin Jiuchen hugged Mini Dragon and looked at the fierce battle below.

However, Mini Dragon suddenly felt uneasy.

It heard Taoties roar, Taoties fury, and… the news of Little Phoenix and Vermilion Birds death!

“Guji… Gu…” Mini Dragon broke free from Yin Jiuchens embrace and released a mournful cry.

“Gu!” A cry that could make people shed tears.

Mini Dragons voice seemed to have traveled through the clouds and time.

In the distant other world, a sleeping dragon opened its eyes in the darkness and listened to the sorrowful voice.

All of a sudden, a huge vortex formed in the clouds above Sun Never Sets.

The strong winds blew and countless stones were swept into the air!

Shen Yanxiao, who was kneeling on the ground, suddenly felt her strength being drained at a crazy speed, as if it would be drained the next second.

In an instant, the weather changed and a huge dragon horn appeared from the dense clouds.

A heaven-shocking dragons roar shook the earth and all the demon beasts trembled from fright!

“Guji! Guji!” Mini Dragon released a mournful sound towards the creature in the clouds.

The next second, the dark clouds that covered the Forsaken Land for thousands of years were blown away by a huge gust of wind.

A black dragon that was ten times larger than the holy-level Taotie hovered in the sky!

Yun Qi looked at the black dragon in disbelief.

He could not believe his eyes.

“Lord of the Phantom Beasts… Wing of Death… how is that possible…”

The moment the Wing of Death appeared, the two-headed phantom dragon crouched on the ground with its two heads lowered.

The Lord of Phantom Beasts, Wing of Death!

An existence even more terrifying than a legendary magical beast.

All the Summoners had heard of its fame, but no one had the ability to summon it to this world.

However, the King of the Illusion Realm appeared in the other world today!

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