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Chapter 1551: Beast Tide (21)

The demons going berserk made the battle even more intense.

Yan Yu constantly waved his staff to supplement the Warriors blessing and light shield.

The sharp decrease in the number of demons and the death of the soldiers made the demon beasts approach Yan Yu.

The White Tiger fought to the death to protect Yan Yu on his back.

It used its sharp claws and fangs to tear apart the demon beasts that attempted to harm its master.

The sinister and crafty small demon beasts were lurking in the chaos.

They stared at the thin human on the White Tigers back with malice and crouched down.

Then, they suddenly leaped, opened their bloody mouths, and pounced towards Yan Yus neck.

“Roar!” The White Tiger suddenly stood up and its two front claws smashed the small demon beast into pieces.

However, there were still demon beasts that attempted to kill Yan Yu.

Yan Yu decisively added three layers of light shield and isolated all the demon beasts outside.

At the same time, he cast several blessings on the few soldiers nearby.

The arrival of the blessing allowed those exhausted soldiers to recover their strength in an instant.

They looked at the powerful Priest gratefully before they rushed into the enemys lineup again.

A huge demon beast suddenly charged towards the White Tiger.

The White Tiger stabilized its body and opened its mouth to release a dazzling light bullet, directly blasting that demon beasts face into a bloody mess.

The demon beasts seemed to have discovered Yan Yus role as a Priest.

They started to attack Yan Yu and the White Tiger again and again.

Soon, the White Tiger was covered with scars as fresh blood stained its white fur.

Several huge demon beasts continuously attacked the White Tiger, and the continuous attacks made it difficult for the White Tiger to even stand.

The light shield on Yan Yus body had been smashed into pieces, and a small demon beast seized the opportunity to break through the light shield and pounced on Yan Yu.

Yan Yu swept his staff and sent the demon beast flying.

He wanted to cast another light shield on himself, but the small demon beasts continuously pounced on him, not giving him any chance to cast it.

Yan Yu gritted his teeth and repelled all the small demon beasts.

Taking advantage of the gap, he immediately put down his staff and summoned hundreds of explosive totems.

“Go!” Yan Yu shouted and the explosive totem surrounded him and White Tiger.

Soon after, a series of explosions blasted all the demons around him into pieces!

Hundred Break was the most destructive move in the second class, but it consumed a huge amount of energy.

Almost the instant he used up this move, Yan Yus complexion turned as white as paper and a sharp pain spread throughout his entire body.

He trembled as he reached for the bag of medicinal pills on his waist.

However, he discovered that his bag of medicinal pills had been bitten through by those small demon beasts, causing all the medicinal pills to be lost.

“My luck is so bad…” Yan Yu forced a smile.

The acute pain throughout his body was no longer suppressed by the medicinal pill and the pain almost made him faint.

Yan Yu convulsed as he fell on the White Tigers back.

The White Tiger immediately sensed his masters abnormality and immediately ran towards Yang Xi.

Yan Yu had completely lost consciousness.

Without the White Tiger Familys medicinal pills, even without the demon beasts attack, he would still die from his heart being unable to bear the load.

Countless demon beasts stood in front of White Tiger, but it did not care about its injuries as it dashed forward with Yan Yu.

It could not let Yan Yu die!

Absolutely not!

The White Tiger roared and released numerous light bullets, forcefully blasting a path out.

Its tail continuously sent the small demon beasts that pounced on it flying as it ran madly.

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