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Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi crouched under a tree not far away from where the others were.

Shen Yanxiao focused her attention on the three of her team members as they prepared to fight against more than twenty students.

Even though she knew that Qi Xia, Yang Xi, and Yan Yu were influential figures in their respective divisions, she had never had the opportunity to see them in action.

Yang Xi was a knight, so he specialized in defenses.

Since he did not have his mount with him, it was pretty hard for him to unleash the strength of a knight completely.

As for Yan Yu, he was a priest, so he had no fighting abilities.

Shen Yanxiao was not sure what he could do to help the situation, other than to cast a few blessings.

From their situation, Shen Yanxiao deduced that only Qi Xia had some offensive skills.

However, as a magus with a weak defense, how could he get the time to chant when he had to deal with attacks from twenty students

She thought that the three of them were clearly at a disadvantage, but Tang Nazhi seemed to be enthusiastic about the fight.

He did not seem worried at all.

“Will they be able to deal with all those students” Shen Yanxiao poked Tang Nazhi and asked.

Even though she could fight, she was only an herbalist without even the strength to truss a chicken.

How could she possibly participate in a savage wild brawl

Tang Nazhi clicked his tongue and snorted.

“Those group of idiots overestimated their capabilities.

You will soon know if you continue watching.”

Shen Yanxiao did not get a definitive answer, and so she shifted her attention back to the fight.

The scene had changed dramatically the instant she looked over.

The students had started their attacks on the three of them.

The swordsmen were at the front as they wielded their swords and charged onward.

The archers and magi were positioned at the rear so that they could launch their attacks from afar.

They managed to do that with the protection from the knights.

In the blink of an eye, the arrows shot by the archers were about to hit their bodies.

However, they stood rooted in their position.

Yan Yu lifted his staff and waved it.

Glistering stars covered the three of them and then suddenly, a thin light barrier formed in front of them.

The light barrier deflected the arrows that struck it.

“Its a light shield!” A few students from the Priest Division immediately recognized that thin layer of a barrier.

“Are you joking Have you ever seen such a large light shield” A student from the Priest Division stared at the massive light shield with disbelief.

He was also a priest, and the light shield he could cast could only protect half of the surface of his body.

However, the barrier that Yan Yu cast was enough to cover the three of them completely!

A light shield was one of a blessing skill that a priest could cast.

The priest would use the holy magic to form a protective barrier, and their strength would directly influence the durability and surface area of the shield.

If they wanted to strengthen the durability and surface area of the barrier, then they would have to pour more magic into it.

As for the barrier in front of them, it was large enough to cover three people!

‘Could you be normal for once

All the students from the Priest Divisions wiped their cold sweat discreetly.

Even among the Priest Division, there were only a few people who could manage such a massive light shield.

The archers released another round of arrows, but none could penetrate the barrier.

The light shield remained undamaged.

Only the gods knew the strength and the durability of that shield!

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