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Chapter 1548: Beast Tide (18)

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“Only the Devil race can use the horn.

That sound came from behind the beast tide.

And if we dont destroy the horn, these demon beasts will remain in their current state.” Enchantress face was deathly pale.

The demon beast army was already unbearable for them, and now with the horn sounding, how were they to win the war

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

She immediately dashed into the demon beasts and found Shen Siyu.

“Brother Siyu.” Before Shen Yanxiao could finish her sentence, Shen Siyu had already spoken.

“You wish to find the demon that blew the horn”

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

“That guy might very well be Satan.” Shen Siyu said.

“If we dont destroy the horn, we will not win this war.” Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth.

“Ill go with you,” Shen Siyu said.


Shen Yanxiao immediately contacted Vermilion Bird and got him to bring them towards the back of the beast tide.

Behind the beast tide, a black-robed man was currently seated on the back of a huge demon beast.

That demon beasts size was comparable to Taotie.

The man seemed to have sensed Shen Yanxiaos arrival.

He suddenly looked up with an evil smile on his handsome face.

The demonic aura in his eyes was not something a human could possess.

That face was extremely familiar!

“Why is it him” Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

She did not expect that the demon that controlled the demon beasts to attack Sun Never Sets and sounded the horn was… Luo Fan

That Luo Fan who collaborated with Shangguan Xiao and Pu Lisi to force Tang Nazhi out of the academy!

“God of Light, long time no see.

I didnt expect you to still be alive.” Luo Fan looked at Shen Siyu on Vermilion Birds back with an evil look.

Shen Siyu frowned.

He sensed a powerful devilish aura from the human.


“I didnt expect you to recognize me with my appearance.” Luo Fan suddenly stood up.

A dark purple horn in his hand was placed on his waist.

“Youve occupied this humans body!” Shen Siyu stared at Luo Fan.

Other than his appearance, the feeling he gave off was exactly the same as Satan, the Devil God.

“Luo Fan” lowered his head to look at his fragile body and said with disdain,” A humans body I dont want such a fragile body even if it was given to me.

If this body could not withstand my devilish aura, do you think I would care for it”

Humans were only fit to crawl under the feet of devils.

If his real body had not been destroyed, why would he need to reside in a humans body That was an insult to him.

“I am different from Asura.

It is shameful that he is willing to reside in a humans body.

I feel disgusted when I think that I was defeated by that guy.” Satan sneered.

“Xiaoxiao, I will join hands with you to deal with him.

You must be careful.” Shen Siyu secretly gripped his staff.

“Yes.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

Satans insult to Xiu made her furious.

Satan looked at them with contempt.

“A magical beast, a mixed-race, and a demigod.

Do you think you can defeat me with just the few of you God of Light, you were not my opponent when you were still a god..

Now, you will still be defeated by me.

In this world, no one can defeat me except for Asura and the Lord God!”

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