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Chapter 1547: Beast Tide (17)

“You are as vicious as ever.

You are so obsessed with blasphemy.” The man in black looked at Ouyang Huanyu with a smile.

Who could have imagined that a human would scheme against the God race

Ouyang Huanyu raised his brow and said, “Jun Mo, as someone who would contribute his only disciple, you dont seem to have the right to call me vicious.”

The person who colluded with Ouyang Huanyu was the number one Herbalist in the Blue Moon Dynasty, Jun Mo.

“Disciple If not for the fact that Luo Fans family can be used by me, why would I accept an idiot as my disciple However, he is not completely useless.

At the very least, he is somewhat useful now.” Jun Mo did not feel the slightest guilt about sacrificing his disciple.

“However, Ive always been curious.

How did you contact the Broken Star Palace You were able to get them to persuade the four countries to form an alliance and attack Sun Never Sets.” Even though Jun Mo had known Ouyang Huanyu for hundreds of years, he still could not guess his thoughts.

The defenses of Sun Never Sets were extremely high and Shen Yanxiao had deployed a large number of troops in various cities in the Forsaken Land.

If she were to let the beast tide attack, it would be hard to determine the winner.

However, after the war with the four nations, Shen Yanxiaos strength had been greatly weakened, allowing the beast tide to deal a fatal blow to her at that time!

Everything was arranged by Ouyang Huanyu step by step.

Even Jun Mo could not help but sigh at Ouyang Huanyus skills.

He could even invite the Broken Star Palace that was hidden from the world.

Who exactly was Ouyang Huanyu

Ouyang Huanyu glanced at Jun Mo and said, “People who know too much will not live long.”

Jun Mo was shocked.

“You dont have to know much.

You just have to know that I am in cahoots with you.

Right now, we just have to wait for this battle to end and bring back our test subjects.” Ouyang Huanyu was unwilling to say anything else.

He was waiting.

He wanted to personally bring back his perfect test subjects after the final battle.

Shen Yanxiao, I wont let you escape again!

Shen Siyus solar windstorm had engulfed a large number of demon beasts, providing the frontlines a breather.

All of a sudden, a loud horn sounded from the rear of the demon beast camp.

Hearing it, all the demon beasts suddenly went berserk and released waves of roars.

They began to attack all the humans and demons in front of them without any reservations.

Their eyes were covered with blood!

The sudden rampage of the demon beasts shocked the soldiers of Sun Never Sets.

The demon beasts began to launch destructive attacks.

They did not care about the severe injuries they had sustained as they roared and dashed forwards.

The Knights could no longer withstand the demon beasts and were sent flying!

“Whats going on” Shen Yanxiao was surprised by the demon beasts sudden outburst.

It was as if those demon beasts had been injected with stimulants.

There was no fear, no panic, only madness and killing!

Enchantress was not far away from Shen Yanxiao.

The instant the demon beasts went berserk, Enchantress rushed to Shen Yanxiaos side and said with an ugly expression, “Its the horn of the Devil race.

It is a type of magic weapon used by the devil race to command the demon beasts.

This horn can stimulate the fury in the demon beasts souls and turn them into a group of killing machines.

Not only are they no longer afraid of pain, but their strength would also double!”

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