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Chapter 1545: Beast Tide (15)

Not to mention the demon beasts, even the real devils would not survive if Shen Yanxiao shot between their brows.

However, no one knew of this.

They only saw Shen Yanxiaos light arrow that could kill a huge demon beast.

How powerful was that

At that moment, those soldiers who were fighting at the frontline secretly rejoiced.

They were glad that their commander had given the order to stop the attack at the end.

Otherwise, if they were to force this demon into a corner, they would definitely die without a complete corpse!

Shen Yanxiao calmly observed the situation.

From the looks of it, they should be evenly matched with the demon beasts.

However, there was a large number of reinforcements behind the demon beasts while they only had these troops.

Sun Never Sets and the four-nation alliance had just experienced a huge war, and no one had recovered yet.

The previous battle had almost pushed their physical strength to the limit.

If this battle were to become a long drawn-out battle, then it would be detrimental for them.

However, it was practically impossible to eliminate so many demon beasts in a short time.

The seemingly evenly matched situation was merely a good start.

As the battle progressed, Sun Never Sets was clearly at a disadvantage.

Even though they had changed their attacking methods, it would require dozens of people to attack together if they wanted to eliminate a single demon beast.

To further worsen the situation, a single attack from a demon beast could instantly kill dozens of people.

With such a huge gap, the warriors of Sun Never Sets felt immense pressure.

If not for the God Realm, they would have been forced into the city.

Among the demons, Shen Siyu was the most dazzling one.

The fallen god still possessed the power of the God race, so his attacks were fatal for demon beasts.

Dozens of demon beasts surrounded Shen Siyu, but there was no fluctuation on his handsome face.

He still had that smile that was like a spring breeze.

He held an exquisite staff in his hand.

It was different from the staffs used by Qi Xia and the other magi.

This staff was pure white, and the tip of the staff was like two crescent moons that wrapped around a golden gem.

A circle of dazzling golden light enveloped the entire staff.

All the demon beasts were filled with dread towards it.

A weapon from the God race was the best weapon against those from the underworld.

Shen Siyu quietly stood in the middle of the demon beasts.

All the demon beasts were so intimidated by the divine aura he released that they did not dare to approach him.

All of a sudden, he inserted the staff in his hand into the cracked earth and pressed his palms together in front of his chest.

Then, all of a sudden, the corner of his clothes moved without any wind.

In an instant, a powerful divine power surged around him and a whirlwind emerged from beneath his feet and tightly wrapped around his staff.

Amid the strong winds, traces of golden light could be faintly seen.

Shen Siyu slowly closed his eyes and chanted an incomprehensible curse.

The moment the last note fell, he opened his quiet eyes.

The faint golden color had replaced the original brown color.

He suddenly shouted, “Break!”

Accompanied by that one clean word, that golden hurricane instantly swept across the surroundings.

The dozens of demon beasts surrounding Shen Siyu were swept into the golden hurricane in the blink of an eye and their huge bodies were torn into pieces by the gale!

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