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Chapter 1544: Beast Tide (14)

The battle between both sides was in full swing.

The god envoys and demons were skilled in dealing with demon beasts, but when the four-nation alliance fought against those demon beasts, they finally realized how terrifying those demon beasts were.

Their skin that was as hard as a rock could not be injured by ordinary attacks.

An Archers ordinary arrows could not even scratch its skin.

The arrow struck the skin, producing a crisp sound before it fell to the ground.

It was as harmless as tickling a demon beast.

The Swordsman and Knights swords were bounced back the moment they were struck.

Maguss fire bullets could not even burn them.

In the face of those demon beasts that were as hard as iron walls, everyone was shocked.

If it were not for the few mythical beasts and holy beasts in front of them, they would have been trampled into meat paste.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and looked at the scene.

It was not that those soldiers were useless, but the defenses of those demon beasts were too strong.

After the war between the gods and devils, the demon beasts hid in the forest of the Forsaken Land.

For thousands of years, they had launched dozens of attacks on the Forsaken Land.

And every time they brought about huge casualties to humans.

The demon beasts with weaker physiques had been wiped out by humans dozens of times in the previous beast tide.

So those that survived until now were the best among the demon beasts.

They were not something ordinary humans could contend against.

It was not without reason that the beast tide had caused the people in the Forsaken Land to turn pale.

“Archers above the intermediate level, use Explosive Arrows to attack.

Those below the intermediate level, aim at the demon beasts eyes! Knights, reinforce your defenses.

Swordsmen, use your most lethal moves! Priests, take good care of the Knights and Swordsmens protective shield.

Magi, abandon your small magic spells.

Blow them up with medium magic spells and large magic spells!” Shen Yanxiao decisively gave an order.

If the situation continued as it were, it would only be a waste.

All the soldiers immediately followed Shen Yanxiaos instructions and changed their attacking methods.

Even though the efficiency of their attacks had decreased, they had finally successfully broken through the demon beasts defenses.

A few Archers had forcefully nailed the arrows into the demon beasts with explosive arrows.

Other than the god envoys, demons, and magical beasts, the Phantom members were the ones that dealt the most damage to the demon beasts.

Qi Xias large-scale magic spells could instantly eliminate a large number of demon beasts! As for Tang Nazhi, he did not back down as he forcefully split the demon beasts in half with his Blight Slash!

Yang Xi had Yan Yus Divine Shield on him, allowing him to clash head-on against a massive demon beast.

With the heavy shield in his hand, he stabbed the demon beasts eyes with his long sword.

And the most amazing one was Shen Yanxiao.

She allowed Vermilion Bird and Taotie to attack freely while she stood among the team.

With a single bow, she could actually shoot ten arrows at the same time.

The lethality of each arrow had the effect of an explosive arrow, and every single arrow was aimed at the center of those demon beasts brows!

With a strong force, the arrows pierced into the demon beasts forehead without leaving a single drop of blood, and the demon beast that was as large as a mountain collapsed with a bang.

Shen Yanxiao had imbued battle aura, magic and life force into that small arrow.

That seemingly ordinary attack could completely destroy the demon beasts brain the instant it pierced through it!

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