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A group of students stood on the edge of the slope and looked downward.

“This… they wont die, right” One of the students gulped.

“I doubt so.

Its not that particularly high here,” another student replied with a guilty conscience.

“What are you afraid of They didnt see our faces clearly anyway.

Even if something did happen, they cant possibly find us.”

“Thats right.

They jumped down themselves, and what does that have to do with us”

“Its better this way.

I dont believe that they will have the strength to climb back up or to continue with the test after that fall.

They will probably crush their signal crystal to call for a teacher.”

“Let us leave.

Its not like they could come back up anyway.”

The group of students discussed it for a long time.

Since there was no hint of a movement down the slope, they turned with the intention to leave.

However, just when they were about to do that, they saw something that froze them in place.

“Where do you think youre going” Qi Xia crossed his hands and looked at those dumbstruck students with a deceptive smile.

Yang Xi and Yan Yu stood on his left and right side, respectively.

It was hard to shift their eyes away from those slender three youths as they stood under the moonlight.

How did they come back up

The group of students looked at them in shock.

They had appeared without any warning at all.

They clearly saw Qi Xias team jumped down the steep slope just moments ago, and they had not seen any movements when they stared down the dark hillside.

How did they manage to climb back onto the hill

What surprised them more was the scars on their body seemed to have disappeared too.

They had regained their fair and handsome faces, so they no longer looked as defeated as before.

“Thank you for your previous care and concern.

It is only right that we have the opportunity to return the favor.” A smile curled on Qi Xias lips, and the cold glint in his eyes flickered.

He might have looked like a gentleman, but his appearance could make one tremble from within.

Those students subconsciously took a step backward as they cautiously stared at every action of their opponent.

The three of them seemed to have changed completely.

They exhaustion and weakness seemed to have disappeared.

Instead, they had regained the imposing aura of a top student in the academy.

The students also knew that the two herbalists in Qi Xias team were first-year students in the Herbalist Division, so it was impossible for them to produce the antidote in such a short time.

However, if they did not consume the antidote, then how did they regain their perfect appearance

Even though they had many questions, the students were no fool.

They knew that Qi Xia meant to settle his debts with them.

“What are you afraid of There are only three of them, so dont tell me that youre all afraid of them even with so many of us here” One of the students decided to be brave.

“Thats right.

I dont believe that they managed to obtain the antidote in just a few minutes.

The two herbalists in their teams are only first-year students, and one has yet to show himself.

They are probably only acting strong right now.

Everyone, lets attack them, and we shall see how capable they are!” Another student yelled in agreement to incite everyones emotions.

The other nervous students immediately calmed when they heard those words.

They did not believe that Qi Xias team could have obtained the antidote in such a short time.

Since they had yet to recover their strength, what was there to be afraid of

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