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Chapter 1539: Beast Tide (9)

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Only then did Shen Yanxiao feel slightly relieved.

If possible, she did not want Vermilion Bird to participate in the upcoming battle with injuries.

However, the current situation was beyond her control.

“Blessings are unparalleled, but disasters come in pairs.

We have just repelled the four-nation alliance army and now, we are facing a beast tide…” Tang Nazhi sighed.

He could not even lift his spirits in such a situation.

“Right now, we can only work together,” Yan Yu said.

“I wonder if you can include my God Realm.” All of a sudden, a gentle voice sounded from the door.

Shen Yanxiao turned around in surprise and saw a man in white standing at the door.

The Sage of the God Realm!

“The Sage!” Shen Yanxiao opened her mouth.

The Sage touched his face with a smile and said helplessly, “I thought you would call me Brother Siyu.

Did I reveal some flaws”

Shen Yanxiao recognized the Sage at a glance.

He was the one who awakened Vermilion Bird in the Lava Valley, not Shen Siyu.

Even though Shen Siyu had disguised himself as the Sage, there was a subtle difference in their temperament.

Shen Yanxiao would never mistake that.

“Dont tease her.” A handsome young master dressed in the same white robe walked over slowly.

A smile that was as gentle as jade could be seen on his face.

“Brother Siyu!” When Shen Yanxiao saw Shen Siyu again, her eyes could not help but flicker with a smile.

“Xiaoxiao has grown up.” Shen Siyu looked at his little sister.

She had grown from a little girl to a young girl.

“Brother Siyu, is the God Realm going to fight against the beast tide” Shen Yanxiao asked in pleasant surprise.

If the God Realm were to help, then Sun Never Sets would have the ability to fight against the demons!

Shen Siyu nodded.

“It is the God Realms responsibility to fight against the beast tide.

The advance arrival of the beast tide this time is very strange.

Moreover, as far as I know, the way the beast tide is dispatched this time is very strange.

They charged all the way here, without paying any attention to other cities.

They just head straight for your Sun Never Sets.

Something is amiss.” Shen Siyus eyes carried a trace of seriousness.

The advancement of the beast tide was already suspicious.

The beast tide this time was very different from usual.

Previously, during every beast tide, the demon beasts would be divided into several batches and act recklessly.

However, this time, none of them left the main group.

They just headed straight towards Sun Never Sets after leaving the forest.

They did not care about the other cities at all.

Evidently, the beast tides target was Sun Never Sets!

“Are they really coming for Sun Never Sets” Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

The demon beasts did not have any intelligence, so why would they attack Sun Never Sets for no reason

Shen Siyu said, “I dont know the reason.

Demon beasts are different from demons.

They have no intelligence to speak of and they never listen to anyones commands.

The only ones they are loyal to are the high-ranked devils.

However, the passage between the devils and the Brilliance Continent has been sealed.

I dont think there are any high-ranked devils left here.” Even Shen Siyu could not figure that out.

High-ranked devils

Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

Satans figure suddenly appeared in her mind.

“Brother Siyu… if its Satan, can he mobilize the demon beasts”

“Satan” Shen Siyus expression suddenly changed.

“Hasnt Satan been devoured by Asura”

Shen Yanxiao forced a smile and said, “I saw Satans soul in the Moon God Continent.

He had been residing in the Tree of Life and was forced out by Taotie.

After that, he disappeared without a trace..

I think if there are any devils in this world that can mobilize demon beasts, then it would be Satan.”

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