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Chapter 1525: Decisive Battle (17)

After receiving the summons from the four-nation alliance, half of the aerial forces hovering above Sun Never Sets immediately withdrew.

They were eager to rush to the front line to fight against Taotie!

With the departure of these forces, the pressure on Qi Xia and the rest decreased sharply!

Qi Xias eyes were bloodshot.

He did not need to chant as he frantically cast a large-scale magic spell.

Whenever his magic power was depleted, he immediately drank a Magic Awakening Potion.

In his interspatial ring, there were hundreds of potions that could recover his magic power!

Large-scale magic spells fell one after another and blasted the flying magical beasts of the four-nation alliance!

Qi Xia narrowed his eyes and searched for someone in the chaotic battlefield.

“Qilin, lets go and kill that bastard!” Qi Xia coldly curled his lips, and his eyes that filled with killing intent locked onto that wind snake.

The man who was controlling the wind snake to kill the flying mounts of Sun Never Sets did not realize that he had provoked a demon.

He made use of the wind snakes dexterity to kill the flying mounts of Sun Never Sets in the air and cruelly admired the appearance of those magical beasts whose nerves had been corroded by the wind snakes poison as they struggled to survive, which they were then torn into pieces by the other flying magical beasts of the four countries.

Before he noticed it, a ghost-like shadow had arrived behind him!

After killing a griffin, the wind snake hovered in the air.

The man looked at the griffin with satisfaction.

However, at that very moment, the wind snake was pulled back by a huge force.

The man turned his head in panic and saw a figure descending from the sky before landing behind him in an instant! At that very moment, his wind snake was being bitten by the kirin!

“Damn it!” The man growled and immediately ordered the wind snake to bite the Qilin.

Qi Xia held onto his staff and looked at the panicking man.

He did not care about the wind snake biting the Qilin.

Soon after, the man calmed down a little and looked at Qi Xia with his staff in doubt.

Did this Magus have a screw loose in his head He actually came to his side

The man was a Swordsman, so he did not have the slightest fear when facing a Magus a few steps away.

In his opinion, a Magus without the advantage of distance was basically trash without the strength to truss a chicken.

Once a Swordsman approached them, only death awaited them.

As for that idiot, he had sent them here himself!

“You are an important member of Sun Never Sets, right If I were to kill you, I believe Elder Wen will reward me handsomely.” The man licked his lips as he looked at Qi Xia with a vicious gaze.

Qi Xia curled his lips and looked at the conceited man.

“Kill me Sure, Ill let you kill me.”

The man suddenly lifted his heavy sword and slashed towards Qi Xia.

With a cold expression, Qi Xia slightly turned his body at a speed so fast that the opponent could not react in time!

The instant the man brushed past him, Qi Xia reversed his staff and directly pierced the mans chest with the sharp end of the staff.

Fresh red blood spurted out from that mans chest.

Seeing this, Qi Xia sneered and pulled out his staff as he looked at the man convulsing on the wind snake.

“I didnt want to do it myself.

Its your fault for being blind.

You shouldnt have hurt her.

Rest assured, I wont let you die so easily.” A devil-like smile blossomed on Qi Xias lips.

Then, a ball of ice-blue magic power was brewed in his palm and forcefully stuffed into the mans body.

“Have a taste of the thrill of lightning penetrating your body.”

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