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Chapter 1517: Decisive Battle (9)

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Within the four-nation alliance, everyone was paying attention to the fierce battle above Sun Never Sets.

Shen Yanxiao had escaped when she was surrounded on all sides.

What happened shocked them.

They could not imagine how Shen Yanxiao did it!

It was inconceivable that thousands of aerial magical beasts that could fight against tens of thousands of enemies got crushed.

“What the heck More than twenty mythical beasts and tens of thousands of magical beasts besieged Shen Yanxiao and yet, they could not take her down! What the heck are they doing! Shen Yanxiao is a human, not a monster! They are a bunch of trash!” Qu Xun tightly clenched his fists.

Seeing Shen Yanxiao escape, he was very dissatisfied.

Jiang Wan slightly frowned.

In the final battle, the commanders of the four countries had gathered together to mobilize their armies.

Jiang Wan despised trash like Qu Xun.

He was not capable in the slightest and was only relying on his status to flaunt.

If it were not for the sage of the Broken Star Palace, he would not even bother to associate with trash like him.

The Sage looked at Qu Xun.

“The reason why Shen Yanxiao could escape from the encirclement seems to be related to that little boy by her side.

Do you know who he is”

The commanders of the four countries looked at each other.

There was no mention of that little monsters identity in their previous investigation.

“That kind of ability is absolutely impossible for a human to possess.

I speculate that the opponent is very likely a mythical beast in its human form.” Shi Heng said.

“How can there be such an abnormal mythical beast To think that it could swallow an attack before releasing it.” Qu Xun curled his lips.

Shi Heng sneered and said, “Marquis Qu Xun, you are indeed unknowledgeable.

I believe you have never heard of the name Taotie, an ancient beast, right”

“Taotie Whats that” Qu Xun had a disapproving expression.

Hearing the reply, Shi Hengs expression became increasingly disdainful.

Jiang Wan then said, “Leader Shi Heng, are you referring to that vicious beast that wreaked havoc in the Brilliance Continent back then I remember that vicious beast had devoured many humans and magical beasts.

In the end, it seemed like the previous Family Head of the Vermilion Bird Family injured it with his mythical beast, Vermilion Bird.

As for where it went after that, no one knows.”

Shi Heng looked at Jiang Wan and nodded.

“Thats right.”

“But Taotie and Vermilion Bird are mortal enemies.

and vicious beasts would never sign a contract with humans.

Shen Yanxiao has already signed a contract with Vermilion Bird, so how could she possibly subdue Taotie” Elder Wen had also heard of Taotie.

“Im not sure about that.

I am only guessing because I found that the magical beasts method was similar to the mythical Taotie,” Shi Heng explained.

“Regardless of the origin of that magical beast, his human form means that he is not a flying magical beast.

He will not be of much use in the main battlefield in the sky.” The Sage slowly spoke.

The true strength of a magical beast could only be unleashed in its magical beast form.

“Shen Yanxiao and the rest will not be able to hold on for long.

The protective shield is about to shatter.

Once it does, our siege weapons can attack their city directly.

At that time, those people on the city walls will not have the time to care about the battle in the sky.

Shen Yanxiaos death is only a matter of time.” The Sage was confident about the battle in the sky.

As long as Shen Yanxiao died, the generals in Sun Never Sets would be confused.

At that point, it would only be a matter of time before they took down the city.

Just as the five of them were fantasizing about Shen Yanxiaos death, the ground beneath the four-nation alliance army suddenly shook violently!

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