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Chapter 1515: Decisive Battle (7)

Taoties furious devouring returned all the previous attacks.

The defenseless aerial forces of the four-nation alliance were scattered by the powerful shockwave!

A huge gap was opened up in the dense encirclement!

After Taotie roared, he instantly collapsed like a deflated balloon.

Shen Yanxiao quickly grabbed Taotie and ordered Vermilion Bird.

Vermilion Bird immediately took advantage of the fact that the enemy had yet to recover from the aftershock and flew out from the gap with Shen Yanxiao and Taotie.

“Taotie, how are you” While Shen Yanxiao observed the movements of the four-nation alliances aerial team, she asked Taotie in her arms.

His body was burning hot.

“Wu…” Taotie released a weak groan.

“Taotie” Shen Yanxiao became increasingly worried.

“Im fine…” Taotie shook his head.

He could devour endlessly, but he could not digest so much power in such a short time.

The total amount of the power Taotie had devoured just now was practically equivalent to him devouring a holy beast that was about to break through to the Legendary Realm.

Without any time for him to digest, Taotie could only use these powers to counterattack the four-nation alliance, allowing Shen Yanxiao to break out of the encirclement.

For a magical beast that had always been eating, it was more damaging than anything for Taotie to spit out what he had devoured.

At that time, that was the only method Taotie could use to help Shen Yanxiao escape from her predicament.

As for what he had to pay for such a move, he was unwilling to tell Shen Yanxiao.

“Vermilion Bird, meet up with Qi Xia and the rest immediately.

We cant let them trap us again.” Shen Yanxiao vaguely knew that Taotie would not be as fine as he said.

However, the current situation did not allow her to have too many reservations.

The aerial forces of the four-nation alliance had already decided to surround and kill her.

If she were to be encircled again, it would be hard to escape.

“What happened just now” The four-nation alliance had yet to react to what had happened.

“Theres no time to think too much! Shen Yanxiao wants to join up with the other two mythical beasts! We cant give her the chance to do so.

All the flying magical beasts, block Vermilion Birds path!”

The aerial forces of the four-nation alliance moved out again and blocked Shen Yanxiaos path.

Vermilion Bird tried his best to dodge the attacks from all directions.

He even deliberately changed directions and used his body to block most of the attacks that were aimed towards Shen Yanxiao and Taotie.

Soon, Vermilion Bird was riddled with scars from such a dense barrage of attacks.

A large batch of its flame-like feathers had fallen off and the area where the enemy had attacked was charred black.

One could vaguely see drops of blood spilling out from Vermilion Birds wound that flowed on the wind along with its fiery feathers.

Vermilion Bird was the king of the skies.

As long as it was not completely sealed off, it could always find a way to break through.

A mythical beast and seven high-level magical beasts blocked Vermilion Birds path, and just behind him, tens of thousands of aerial magical beasts were about to arrive.

At that moment, the Vermilion Bird did not dare to hesitate or pause in the slightest.

All of a sudden, he curled his wings before immediately spreading them out, causing a gale mixed with surging heatwave that forcefully disrupted the formation of the seven high-level magical beasts in front of him.

Seeing this, Vermilion Bird spread its wings and flew at the extreme speed, gliding past that mythical beast at a slanted angle!

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