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Chapter 1506: Counterattack, Begin! (2)

However, Shen Yanxiaos counterattack was only the beginning.

Half of the Blue Moon Dynastys siege weapons had been lost, and it caused a huge commotion in the four-nation alliance.

All the armies began to pay more attention to their siege weapons.

Qu Xun had even ordered some soldiers to stand guard on the weapons.

They were just short of tying themselves to it.

However, the strange incident did not happen again.

Everything seemed like a dream.

The armored horses of the four-nation alliance continued to move toward Sun Never Sets.

On Shen Yanxiaos side, Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei led all the Black Tortoise Familys disciples and swiftly rushed to the city behind the Ashen City.

At that very moment, the Black Tortoise Familys array finally had some use.

When the four-nation alliance attacked Baizhou City, Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei had already laid out an inescapable net on their way to the next city, waiting for the four-nation alliance to take the bait.

Several days later, the four-nation alliance arrived at this seemingly normal land.

However, what welcomed them was a series of extremely strange arrays.

There were nearly a hundred thousand men in the vanguard and they were trapped in hundreds of arrays, unable to escape.

Before Jiang Wan and the others had the chance to rescue those trapped soldiers, the mid-level troops had triggered the traps buried underground.

In an instant, a series of explosions sounded in succession.

Flames shot in all directions and explosions followed one after another.

Every trap that was triggered would cause dozens of soldiers to be implicated.

For a moment, the vanguard forces of the four-nation alliance were in chaos.

Arrays and traps continuously cast a tragic shadow on the four-nation alliance.

“What exactly is going on!”

Even the most composed Shi Heng was burning with anxiety.

The road ahead was filled with traps and it was impossible for them to continue forward, not to mention dragging the siege weapons.

The slightest bit of carelessness would trigger a series of traps.

Not only would they suffer heavy casualties, but their siege weapons would also be damaged.

The leaders of the four countries immediately gave the order to stop their advancement.

Faced with well-hidden traps, they could only send out one suicide squad after another and carefully eliminate them.

Even though it reduced their casualties, it also delayed their speed.

Usually, they could take down a city in three days.

But, it was taking them around five days to eliminate the traps.

Just like that, they had to sacrifice thousands of soldiers just to eliminate the traps

The four commanders cursed Shen Yanxiaos eighteen generations of ancestors in their hearts!

Every time they adapted to Shen Yanxiaos methods, she would change to a new method to deal with them.

And every time, she would cause the four-nation alliance to be on the verge of tears.

The four-nation alliance worked hard to check the traps, but Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei did not relax in the slightest.

They arranged all sorts of traps on the roads of every city, which were the Black Tortoise Familys specialty.

For that, Tang Ao contributed all the stock in the Black Tortoise Familys storeroom.

The thousands of years of accumulation of the aristocratic families was enough for the soldiers of the four-nation alliance to suffer.

At the same time, Yang Xi led all the blacksmiths of the Azure Dragon Family to modify the eighty plus siege weapons they had seized.

He prayed that they could complete the modification before the final battle to protect the safety of Sun Never Sets!

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