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Chapter 1503: Shen Yanxiaos Plot (4)

While many soldiers had just entered their dreamland, the soldiers guarding the siege weapons were cursing internally.

However, the next second, they suddenly heard a loud noise from behind them.

The soldiers turned around in frustration.

In the end, a single glance caused them to collectively let out miserable screams!


Hundreds of blood-curdling screams could be heard in the army camp of the Blue Moon Dynasty, waking up their comrades who had just fallen asleep.

It was not easy for Qu Xun to fall asleep, but he was woken up by a series of screams outside the tent.

He angrily sat up and without even wearing his shoes, he grabbed the sharp sword by the bed and dashed out.

Exactly which idiot was it who dared to shout in the middle of the night He would chop them up!

When Qu Xun walked out of the tent, he was completely stunned.

The dozens of siege weapons that were parked outside the tent had all disappeared.

The tarpaulin fell limp on the ground and all the soldiers looked at the empty tarpaulin in shock.

“Whats going on…” Qu Xun released an ear-piercing scream as if someone had strangled his throat.

“Commander… I… we dont know either.

Are the siege weapons still here We saw them just now! But somehow, they suddenly… disappeared.” The soldier guarding the siege weapons was on the verge of tears.

It was as if they had seen a ghost.

Dozens of huge siege weapons had disappeared without a trace at the same time.

Previously, those siege weapons were still well taken care of under the tarp.

However, they only turned around for a moment before the tarp was suddenly emptied!

“Open the tarp! Blast them one by one!” Qu Xun roared.

The soldiers immediately lifted the tarp.

Under the rain, the ground was flat without any abnormalities.

However, they could not find any traces of the siege weapons.

“How could this be… how could this be…” Qu Xun stood barefooted on the empty land.

Looking around, the place where the siege weapons were placed had become an empty land.

Not to mention siege weapons, not even a single strand of hair could be seen!

“Send someone to look for them! Dig up all these places!” Qu Xun panicked.

He had never seen such a strange situation.

The size of the siege weapons was astonishing.

They were seven to eight stories high.

How could such a huge siege weapons disappear into thin air

All the soldiers of the Blue Moon Dynasty were called out.

They began to look around for the dozens of lost siege weapons.

Qu Xun asked the soldiers to dig up all the places where the siege weapons were originally placed.

However, other than the black soil, there were only some broken stones.

If one were to look closely, perhaps they could see some black ash mixed in with the excavated soil.

However, there were too few ashes and they were the color of the black soil.

The disturbance in the Blue Moon Dynastys military camp had attracted the attention of the other three forces.

Jiang Wan, Shi Heng, and Elder Wen were all curious about what had happened in the Blue Moon Dynasty, so they sent someone to investigate.

As for the information they obtained, it caused them to be dumbstruck.

“More than eighty siege weapons of the Blue Moon Dynasty have been lost!”

More than eighty massive siege weapons had been lost in the middle of the night.

What was even more terrifying was that there were soldiers standing guard around the siege weapons during this period of time and they did not even see anyone approaching! At that moment, the soldiers of the Blue Moon Dynasty were still active in the military camp!

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