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Chapter 1501: Shen Yanxiaos Plot (2)

Night fell and the four-nation alliance set up camp in the vast Forsaken Land.

Tents were set up in the camp and bonfires were lit.

In the dark Forsaken Land, clusters of flames were lit.

A few soldiers from the Longxuan Empire sat around the fire.

From time to time, they would look at the city they had conquered yesterday.

Or rather, that place could no longer be called a city.

Instead, it was a pile of stones.

“That Shen Yanxiao, isnt she too ruthless Why did she destroy the city so thoroughly There isnt even a place for us to stay.” One of the soldiers could not help but complain.

The weather in the Forsaken Land was simply unbearable.

It was fine during the day, but the sudden drop in temperature at night was something many of them could not adapt to.

Waves of cold wind blew past, penetrating their armor and making them shiver.

If those cities were still there, they would have a place to shelter themselves from the wind and rain.

They would not have to sleep in the wilderness.

“She is just struggling before she dies! She knows she is no match for our four-nation alliance, so she is destroying everything,” another soldier said.

“To think I had inquired about the situation of the cities in the Forsaken Land.

I was hoping to live in them for a day or two during this battle, but it turned out like this.” The soldier curled his lips with regret.

“Be careful with your words.

If Commander Jiang Wan hears you, you will suffer.”

“Tsk tsk, I was only making a remark.

Its mainly Shen Yanxiaos fault.

Isnt it good for a Vermilion Bird Familys disciple to obediently stay in the capital Why did she have to come to the Forsaken Land to show off and break away from her nationality to collude with demons If she had been more attentive, wouldnt we be free of trouble If this place had belonged to the Longxuan Empire, would we still have to come here and suffer I really dont understand what that stinky girl is up to.

Is her brain not good” The soldier vented all his anger on the enemy.

As he vented, he stood up and walked to the fire to get some food.

However, the moment he stepped out, he suddenly felt a force attacking his back and the next second, he could not help but fall towards the fire.

In an instant, the soldier who fell into the fire let out a howl similar to a pig being slaughtered.

He rolled and crawled away from the fire to one side and the few soldiers seated beside him were stunned.

Why did this guy suddenly fall down and eat sh*t all of a sudden Furthermore, his face was smashed into the fire

Wasnt he about to be disfigured

This incident attracted the attention of many soldiers.

A few gentle breezes swept past those soldiers, carrying a faint fragrance.

The commanders of the four armies had tasked some men to keep an eye on the siege weapons of the four countries.

As the main fighting force for this war, all the siege weapons were being tightly guarded.

Around each of the siege weapons, there were more than a dozen soldiers standing on three levels inside and outside.

All of them held sharp swords and looked straight ahead.

The slightest movement would cause their bodies to tremble.

Within the camp of the Blue Moon Dynasty, Qu Xuns expression was somewhat twisted as he looked at the siege weapons under his hands.

The Blue Moon Dynasty had mobilized more than three hundred siege weapons.

In the previous battles, Qu Xuns troops seemed to have provoked some god of plague.

Not only did they suffer the most casualties, but they also suffered heavy losses.

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