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Chapter 1491: The First Battle (3)

The people from the Longxuan Empire laughed.

If that was the case, then the losses they would suffer from this battle would be pitifully small.

With the exception of Sun Never Sets, they could reclaim all the complete cities in the eastern region.

The people from the other three countries were depressed.

Just as they were about to open the city gates to take over the city…

The earth-shattering sound of gunfire echoed in an instant.

The seventy plus cannons on the walls of Del City launched an attack at the same time!

The rumble was like thunder.

Cannonballs covered with flame descended from the sky and bombarded the four-nation alliance army that was crowded outside the city walls!

The soldiers of the four-nation alliance were caught off guard.

How could they have expected Del City to launch a fatal attack at that moment

Numerous artillery shells exploded on the ground.

Fragments of artillery shells with blazing flames flew around like rain, flattening all the soldiers in the blast range in an instant!

After the artillery shells exploded, the remnant flames on the ground did not let go of the invading enemies.

The flames seemed to have been catalyzed as it started to spread wildly in all directions.

Many soldiers who could not react in time were instantly engulfed by the flames.

In an instant, wails of misery were heard amidst the sounds of the artillery fire.

The commanders of the four armies were all stunned by the scene before them.

“Whats going on There are still humans in Del City Damn it, didnt Shen Yanxiao evacuate everyone” Elder Wen angrily grabbed someones collar and fiercely asked.

That person cried and said, “I… I dont know.

The spy did say that he saw with his own eyes that everyone had been evacuated to the main cities.

Other than the five main cities, are all the cities empty”

“Empty Open your eyes wide and take a look! If this city is empty, dont tell me those cannons can attack by themselves” Elder Wen was thoroughly enraged.

If not for the information sent back by the spy, how could he possibly believe that Del City had become an empty city

If not, why would he rashly allow his soldiers to approach

“I honestly dont know…”

“Trash!” Elder Wen kicked him away.

Even though the range of a cannon was limited, the armies of the Blue Moon Dynasty and the Seventh Kingdom were just below the city walls, and thus they had instantly become the best targets for artillery attacks.

The continuous shooting of the seventy plus cannons was like a nightmare for those soldiers!

In less than five minutes, thousands of bodies were piled up under the walls of Del City and the blazing flames mercilessly devoured those bodies as they burned.

The surging heatwave wrapped around Del City like a living hell.

The counterattack in Del City did not stop.

Within ten seconds after the launch of the seventy plus cannons, the second volley followed.

The continuous high-intensity shooting had directly caused the armies of the Blue Moon Dynasty and the Seventh Kingdom to wail like ghosts and howl like wolves.

Jiang Wan narrowed his eyes and looked at the shells that were far more powerful than any other cannon shells he had seen.

“Some of the shells are filled with kerosene.” Therefore, after the shells exploded, the flames would spread around wildly.

However, Jiang Wan could not figure out how this cannon shell was forged It was not that other blacksmiths did not have such thoughts, but no country had ever succeeded in creating one.

But Shen Yanxiao did it

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