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The night descended once again, but fierce battles raged on in the Obscure Forest.

Many teams of five chased the four targets that ran in front of them.

The four sorry figures ran as fast as they could to escape the mobs.

They were none other than Shen Yanxiaos four other teammates.

“Would they cut it out already! Weve already told them that weve given away our badges to the other teams, but why are they still unwilling to give up!” Tang Nazhi dodged an arrow from behind him as he raged angrily.

It was as if the heavens wanted to test them as they had encountered about seven teams who had chased after them ever since they entered the forest.

Their motive was obvious, and it was to eliminate them before they could recover their strength thoroughly.

However, no matter how hard they had explained their badge situation to the other teams, their opponents insisted on body searches on them.

They had been continuously chased after for two days and one night, and their formerly neat and tidy clothes were already damaged.

There were burnt marks from fire bullets and scrapes from tree branches all over their clothing.

It was probably the first time that they had looked so unkempt ever since they were born.

They did not dare to stop, not even for a second, as the students behind them were like rabid dogs that would shoot arrows and bullets at them.

The moment they stopped for a breather, swordsmen would immediately pounce on them.

“Obviously, they do not trust our words.” Qi Xia still managed to maintain a perfect smile, but there were already tiny scars on his gorgeous face.

As a magus, he was the weakest of the bunch, as he had no access to his magic, so their opponents paid more attention to him.

If he did not have quick reflexes, he would have suffered even more injuries.

“They wanted to force us to use our signal crystals to confirm that we have been eliminated.” Qi Xia looked to the night sky as he ran.

He thought it was a safe bet when he handed over his badge.

He did not expect that they would encounter other teams as well.

He had tried to explain that they no longer have their badges with them, but the other students were reluctant to believe them.

If it was any other ordinary day, he would have been able to deal with the twenty students, or more, behind them easily.

However, his powers were restrained, so he could do no more than to throw a few fire bullets.

“Damn it.

Theyre so aggravating.” Even the usually cold Yang Xi was annoyed with the never-ending pursuits.

Since he was a knight with high defense skills, he fared the best among his team members as he could block most of the attacks with his shield.

However, his clothing suffered the same fate as his other team members had.

The endless pursuits annoyed the youths, and they did not even have the time to rest.

After much difficulties, they finally found a quiet location to relax and sleep.

However, they did not expect to bump into another two teams.

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