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Chapter 1488: Four Nations Alliance (4)

The sages words silenced the four of them.

No matter how arrogant they were, they did not dare to be unbridled in front of the Broken Star Palace.

“I will give you an hour to discuss.

We will enter the Forsaken Land in an hour.” The Sage despised Elder Wen and Qu Xun for their ignorance and stupidity.

Even if they had a high status in their respective countries, they were merely ants in the eyes of the Broken Star Palace.

The Broken Star Palace did not intend to participate in this battle.

Firstly, they wanted to preserve her strength and secondly, they wanted to rub off the morale of the four countries.

Due to the ease of cultivation in the Brilliance Continent, the strength of the four countries continued to rise.

And the Broken Star Palace was not happy about that.

If the four countries continued to grow, their respect for the Broken Star Palace would gradually weaken.

The Broken Star Palace was trying to use Shen Yanxiaos incident to knock the four countries down.

At the same time, they were using the four countries to eliminate the thorn in their side.

Of course, the four countries would not understand this.

Regardless of the winner or loser, the Broken Star Palace would profit from this battle.

After the Sage finished speaking, he handed everything to the four commanders and walked into the carriage alone to rest.

The four commanders looked at each other and saw strong resistance in each others eyes.

“Its funny that so many people have to discuss how to deal with a little girl.

Do as you wish.

Our Blue Moon Dynasty is not weak enough to be afraid of a little kid.” As soon as the Sage left, Qu Xuns arrogant expression immediately appeared.

Elder Wen revealed a displeased expression.

Shi Heng and Jiang Wan merely frowned and said nothing else.

“Its uncomfortable to cooperate with someone like you.” Elder Wen said.

“Alright, its useless for the both of you to say anything else.

Since the Sage has tasked us to discuss the strategy of the upcoming war, we should at least give the Broken Star Palace some face.” Jiang Wan could no longer stand their argument and could only bring up the Broken Star Palace.

This caused Elder Wen and Qu Xun to be more well-behaved.

Shi Heng secretly sighed.

It seemed like the internal problems between the four countries were not small.

If Shen Yanxiao knew that Qu Xun and Elder Wen had started an internal conflict before they even entered the Forsaken Land, she would certainly applaud and cheer for them.

She could not wait for them to fight to the death so that she would not have to do anything.

Jiang Wan represented the Longxuan Empire, and the strength of the Longxuan Empire was the greatest.

Thus, Elder Wen and Qu Xun had more or less given him some face and did not say anything else.

For an hour, it was Jiang Wan who spoke.

Elder Wen and Qu Xun declined to comment, and Shi Heng would occasionally cooperate with him.

The result of the discussion was that there was no result.

No one was willing to let others command their troops, and it was obviously unrealistic for an army to have four commanders.

On the surface, they were allies, but in reality, they were fighting for themselves.

The four countries were merely giving the Broken Star Palace face.

Even so, an army of three million men was still magnificent.

An hour later, the Sage alighted from the carriage.

“Set off and enter the Forsaken Land,” the Sage said.

Shi Heng and the others immediately mobilized their troops and ordered their subordinates.

A large army of three million people directly cut into the Forsaken Land from the border of the Longxuan Empire.

The large army swept across the entire border like locusts.

A battle was about to break out in the vast Forsaken Land.

In the distant forest of the Forsaken Land, the nightmare that had been dormant for a long time was sighing with death.

A disaster was imminent.

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