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Chapter 1485: Four Nations Alliance (1)

At the entrance of the Longxuan Empire into the Forsaken Land, an army numbering nearly three million had gathered.

The million strong army was divided into four segments, all standing still.

There was a huge crowd and at a glance, it was densely packed with people.

The generals at the border of the Longxuan Empire looked at the four large armies in panic.

Among the three million strong army, one million were from the Longxuan Empire.

This time, the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire had invested a huge sum of money and utilized all the troops other than the most important troops to gather the largest army in the four-nation alliance.

The number of troops from the Blue Moon Dynasty was second only to the Longxuan Empire, and they had mobilized a total of 800,000 people.

After them was the Seventh Kingdom who was leading 600,000 men.

On the other hand, the Divine Wind Alliance had deployed the least number of troops.

There were only 400,000 men, not even half of the Longxuan Empires army.

All the four forces had a corresponding leader.

They each occupied one side and did not converse with each other.

The leader of the God Wind Alliance was the leader of one of the five great mercenary groups, the Genesis Mercenary Group.

The number of people he brought was the least compared to the three countries.

“Leader, are we really going to get involved in this muddy water” Luo Xuan, the Deputy General of the God Wind Alliance, asked the commander.

Shi Heng was the leader of the Genesis Mercenary Group and also the leader of the troop.

He looked at the other three armies in silence and said to Luo Xuan, “Why not”

Luo Xuan whispered, “But it seems like Leader Long Fei does not approve of this alliance.

After all, he has a good relationship with Shen Yanxiao.

Previously, our God Wind Alliance and Sun Never Sets had cooperated with each other.

So, isnt it inappropriate to lead troops to attack them”

Due to the relationship between Long Fei and Shen Yanxiao, there were many transactions between the God Wind Alliance and Sun Never Sets during this period of time.

They provided what Sun Never Sets required and Sun Never Sets was quite generous when it came to payment.

All this while, both sides had a good relationship, but no one expected that the God Wind Alliance would one day join the army to attack the Forsaken Land.

Not to mention Luo Xuan, there were many mercenaries in the God Wind Alliance who disagreed with this decision.

However, the decision of the leader was not something they could influence.

Shi Heng sighed.

If possible, he did not want to join in the fun.

However, the Broken Star Palace had personally brought up this matter, causing a huge disagreement between the five leaders of the Brotherhood Alliance.

Shi Heng maintained a neutral attitude while Long Fei was extremely against it.

However, the other three leaders had unanimously agreed to accept the Broken Star Palaces proposal.

The rules of the God Wind Alliance had always been to submit to the majority.

No matter how much Long Fei protested, he could not change the final decision.

Once the decision was made, Long Fei, as the minority, could never lead the army.

As for the other three, Long Fei felt that the odds were against Shen Yanxiao.

Therefore, he asked Shi Heng, who was on good terms with him on normal days, to come forward.

Even though he could not reverse the situation, at least Shi Heng would not kill them all.

Long Feis objection made it impossible for the God Wind Alliance to send out too many troops.

After all, many people knew about their previous collaboration with Shen Yanxiao.

If they were to be too extreme right now, it was hard to guarantee that they would not be pointed at.

“This is the decision of the Brotherhood Alliance, and we cannot change it.” Shi Heng was also helpless.

“Is there a need I heard from a friend of the Blizzard Mercenary Group that Shen Yanxiao is not a wicked person.

She is only a little girl, but we have to work together to deal with a little girl.

I… I cant accept it.” Luo Xuan looked unwilling.

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