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Chapter 1484: Crisis (5)

On one hand, it could reduce the strength of the four-nation alliance, and on the other hand, it could preserve their fighting strength.

If the four-nation alliance wanted to eliminate Shen Yanxiaos influence, they had to take down Sun Never Sets.

Moreover, Sun Never Sets was located in the center of the fifty cities.

Even if the four-nation alliance wanted to pave a way to Sun Never Sets, they would have to confront seven to eight cities in the process.

This was Shen Yanxiaos best opportunity.

“Nazhi and Xiaowei, reinforce the arrays outside each city during this period of time.

The outskirts of Sun Never Sets must be covered with arrays.

Ah Yu, prepare supplies and weapons with Yang Xi during this period of time.

We must ensure that the firepower of our cannons cannot be cut off after the war.

Qi Xia, you and Du Lang will persuade the humans in each city to join the five main cities.

I will get Freud to prepare the demons.” Shen Yanxiao decisively gave an order.

This was her first time participating in a large-scale battle and she could not afford to lose!

“When will Xiao Feng be back” Shen Yanxiao thought of Lan Fengli who had yet to return.

“Im not sure.

The news has been sent out, but we have yet to receive any response.

I hope he can return before the war starts.” Qi Xia sighed.

Lan Fenglis fighting strength could be said to be the strongest among them.

If Lan Fengli was here, then they would be more confident.

However, there was no news from Lan Fengli during this period and that made them worried.

After all, there were two Phoenixes with Lan Fengli, and their fighting strength was very important for the current Forsaken Land.

“Then you can deal with these matters first.

You can ask me if you have any questions.” Shen Yanxiao could only wait patiently.

Knowing their respective missions, the five of them did not delay for a moment and immediately went to carry it out.

They were competing against time!

Over the next few days, more than fifty cities under Shen Yanxiaos influence started to take action.

All the merchants and residents in the cities had been relocated to four main cities other than Sun Never Sets.

Due to Du Langs previous control over the population, there were not many people in each city.

Otherwise, it was impossible for the four main cities to accommodate the people from fifty cities.

Previously, the main cities of the Forsaken Land had been deliberately vacanted.

There were no humans in the original cities other than demons.

Even if someone were to enter, it would not seem crowded.

Very soon, with the exception of the five main cities, no other cities had humans living in them.

All the defenses were handed over to the demons.

Demons underground cities were connected to each other so they could evacuate through the underground tunnels faster.

When they had no choice but to leave, they would seal off the entrance and prevent anyone from entering.

Yang Xi began to speed up the production of artillery shells.

Ye Qing and Yin Jiuchen led a group of Herbalists to produce potions day and night.

Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei were already leading the Black Tortoise Family to set up a killing array around Sun Never Sets.

The entire Forsaken Land was like a huge machine that operated under Shen Yanxiaos orders.

Thirteen days was so short that the slightest bit of carelessness would cause it to slip past her fingers.

Day by day, the armies of the four countries had left their countries and travelled a long journey before they gathered at the entrance of the eastern region of the Forsaken Land.

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