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Chapter 1476: The Calm Before the Storm (1)

The sun was shining brightly, and the four teams from the Broken Star Palace quietly attacked.

They crossed the canyon and advanced in four different directions.

The capital of the Longxuan Empire.

The Emperor sat upright on his throne as he looked at the group of people who had suddenly paid a visit with reverence.

The Broken Star Palace, one of the two largest organizations hidden in the Brilliance Continent, had not been seen in the secular world for hundreds of years.

However, today, they had suddenly paid a visit and the Emperor felt somewhat uneasy.

“I wonder if it is appropriate for all of you to come” The Emperor tried his best to suppress the fear in his heart and pretended to be calm.

In the main hall, the Sage from the nameless Broken Star Palace had an indifferent expression, as if he did not even care about the Emperor.

“Does the eastern part of the Forsaken Land belong to the Longxuan Empire” One of the sages asked.

“Thats right.”

“After the war between the gods and devils, the Forsaken Land has been divided into four areas that are under the control of the four countries.

However, as far as I know, the people sent to the Forsaken Land by the Longxuan Empire seem to have expanded their influence to other areas.

This is contrary to our previous agreement.

Do you know that” the man asked in a cold voice.

The Emperor lowered his head in shock and felt like crying but had no tears.

The eastern part of the Forsaken Land was indeed managed by the Longxuan Empire.

However, ever since he placed Shen Yanxiao in the Forsaken Land, everything there had nothing to do with him!

The Emperor felt aggrieved.

He did not have a favorable impression of Shen Yanxiao as a Warlock from the very beginning.

That was why he handed over the territory of Sun Never Sets to Shen Yanxiao.

He did not expect the little girl to be so savage.

Not only did she conquer Sun Never Sets in a short time, but she also built it up to be extremely powerful.

Even the people he sent to take over had been dealt with by Shen Yanxiao.

Even his son, Prince Long Yue and the State Teacher had been taken hostage in Sun Never Sets.

Even though his son and the State Teacher had returned, the situation in Sun Never Sets was stable.

It was impossible for the Emperor to interfere.

Coupled with the five great aristocratic families working together to support Shen Yanxiao, the Emperor did not dare to exploit that piece of fat meat even if he had a hundred guts.

As Shen Yanxiaos influence grew, the Forsaken Land gradually broke away from the control of the Longxuan Empire.

Even the subsequent fifty plus contracts were signed by the five great aristocratic families.

In fact, only one-third of the cities belonged to the Longxuan Empire, with some being under the jurisdiction of other countries.

However, the Forsaken Land was a tough nut to crack, and no country had thought of taking it in a short time.

Therefore, they might as well enjoy the resources together as the distribution of the cities became increasingly chaotic.

The Emperor did not care much.

In any case, there were only two to three cities in other countries.

Besides, if there was anything, they could directly find trouble with Shen Yanxiao.

However, he would never have expected that this matter would alarm the Broken Star Palace!

If the current Shen Yanxiao was a trouble that the Emperor did not wish to provoke, then the Broken Star Palace was simply a nightmare in the Emperors heart.

Ever since the war between gods and devils, no one dared to provoke this unfathomable organization.

The Emperor would never want to be the first one to oppose the Broken Star Palace.

That was simply courting death!

“Well… Shen Yanxiao is indeed from the Longxuan Empire.

However, not long ago, she had already broken away from the Longxuan Empires nationality.

Therefore, what she had done has nothing to do with the Longxuan Empire.” The Emperor wiped his cold sweat and tried to clear his name.

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