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From Cao Xus agitated reaction and irritable attitude, he could infer that he did not lie about his situation.

“Ive casually asked Meng Yiheng and the rest about how they lost their badges.

Except for Cao Xu, the other fours statements matched.

They claimed that Cao Xu woke them up in the middle of the night and asked for their badges for safekeeping.

When they woke up in the morning, Cao Xu had misplaced all of their badges and insisted that he did not take any of them.

Other than waking up once to relieve himself yesterday, he had slept through the night,” Kang Si said.

“You mean someone controlled Cao Xu and used him to obtain their teams badges” Na Ken asked as the realization dawned upon him.

“When I brought Lin Kes team back, they were not even aware that they had lost their badges.

They only realized it when I told them so.

They had also given their badges to Lin Ke, the student I brought here just now, for safekeeping.”

Both of Kang Si and Na Kens teams of students had encountered remarkably similar situations.

One person had held onto the badges, and then they had misplaced them.

More importantly, the same student had remnants of fragmented magic in their bodies!

“Evidently, all of these were done by a single person,” the older teacher said as all of them were aware of that one fact.

Magic with corrosive attributes could only originate from a single profession – a warlock!

“Should we report this to the dean and stop the test shortly” The other teachers were about the safety of their students.

Many of the teams that they were responsible for were still in the Obscure Forest.

The warlock had visited two teams, and they were worried that he would do the same with the other teams.

Everyone knew that warlocks were sinister and crafty, and no one could guarantee that he would not harm the other students.

That older teacher pondered for a moment, and then said, “We do need to report this to the dean.

However, there is no need to stop the test for now.”


“That warlock has already attacked two teams.

What if…”

The group of teachers was riled up.

Even though the warlocks also trained in magic as a foundation, similar to the magus, they would forever belong to the dark side.

“Please be calm.

Even though the warlock had cast curses on two students, they were not physically injured.

This shows that the caster only meant to control them and not meant them any harm.

Otherwise, no one from these two teams would be able to leave the forest in one piece.” It was apparent that the older teacher had more experience and was not as fearful of warlocks as the other teachers.

“Then what is he trying to do Ive asked Cao Xu.

Other than the badges, he did not lose anything else.” Kang Si failed to understand the actions of the warlock.

“Since the warlock did not harm the students nor steal any belongings other than the badges used in this test, could it be…” Kang Si had a scary thought, and he nervously looked at the older teacher.

The older teacher frowned and hesitated before he said, “I know what you want to say.

From these two encounters, it looks like the warlock could very well be a student from our Saint Laurent Academy.

At this very moment, he is a participant in the test.”

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