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Chapter 1466: Phantoms Reunion (9)

Xius head slowly leaned against Shen Yanxiaos shoulder, his golden eyes narrowed with exhaustion.



“I am happy to have you.”

“Me too.” A faint smile blossomed on Xius lips as a sense of exhaustion spread throughout his body.

The moment the midnight bell rang, Xius figure gradually dissipated into starlight until he disappeared.

Shen Yanxiao lowered her head and touched her chest.

She knew that Xiu was there.

He was just tired and asleep.

One day, he would reappear by her side.

“Thank you, Xiu.”

The elves were free from the pollution and finally recovered their peace.

The new Tree of Life was not influenced by Satan anymore.

Moreover, it had been watered by divine power, allowing it to grow more and more luxuriant.

The Elf King was so grateful for Shen Yanxiaos kindness that he even took care of the Phantom members.

Shen Yanxiao took the opportunity to negotiate with the Elf King.

The Moon God Continent had strict regulations when it came to making transactions with humans, causing a lot of products to not be traded with each other.

This was related to the system of elves.

However, Shen Yanxiaos status was different from other humans.

It was not inappropriate for the Elf King to open up a separate trading port for her.

Furthermore, Shen Yanxiao was an unscrupulous bastard who would never give up such a good opportunity.

She directly requested for the Elf King to open up all the transactions between both sides.

Of course, this was only for her people, the other humans would be restricted as usual.

The Elf King immediately agreed to Shen Yanxiaos request.

It could be said that Shen Yanxiao was about to become a boss that would monopolize the trades between the Moon God Continent and the Brilliance Continent!

Of course, she would not easily give this privilege to others.

She would trade all the resources in the Moon God Continent with the products created by the various cities in the Forsaken Land.

This would bring great benefits to dozens of cities under her command!

Having finalized the deal, Shen Yanxiao basically had another layer of economic guarantee.

For the rest of their time here, Shen Yanxiao worked hard to cultivate her source of life.

She wanted to reduce the time she had to stay on the Moon God Continent to the shortest amount of time possible so that she could return to Sun Never Sets as soon as possible to replenish Xius energy.

Seeing that Shen Yanxiao was busy, Qi Xia and the rest cooperated and did not disturb her.

This was because they discovered a very interesting toy.

“Open your mouth.”



“It hit!”

Tang Nazhi chuckled as he looked at Taotie who was currently eating.

He honestly felt that this gluttonous magical beast was too much fun.

No matter what he fed it, it would obediently open its mouth and wait to be fed.

“If you dare to throw a rock into Taoties mouth again, I believe Xiaoxiao will chop you into mincemeat after she completes her seclusion.” Qi Xia lazily laid on the grass as he supported his head with one hand and waved the fan with the other.

“Erm…” Tang Nazhi blinked his eyes.

In fact, he was not that mean.

He merely wanted to tease Taotie earlier on, but he did not know that he would eat everything.

Realizing this, it was as if Tang Nazhi had opened up a new world and was having a great time.

Taotie sat on the grass with a pile of food in front of him as he foolishly looked at the dumbstruck Tang Nazhi.

“Taotie, stop eating those rocks.

I made you some pastries.

Here, have a taste.” The number one chef of Phantom, Yan Yu, walked over with a small tow truck with a smile.

The cart was filled with food and it was really…

all pastries!

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