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“I am sure!” Na Ken nodded his head with determination.

The older teacher immediately frowned.

He then turned to speak to Lin Ke, who was extremely nervous, “Student, you may go now.”

Lin Ke nodded apprehensively, and then he left the tent.

He did not understand why teacher Na Ken would say that there was something weird with him.

He was also worried when the teacher said that there were corrosive fragments of magic around his nerves.

Was he somehow inflicted with some strange illness

Lin Ke decided to go to the medical tent.

He had no wish to die young! He had yet to experience embarrassing situations with the female students, so he did not want to die just yet!

After Lin Ke left, the older teacher immediately addressed Na Ken.

“The situation with your student is not an isolated one.

Caunce had just informed us that a student in his head had remnants of fragmented magic in their body too.”

“What” Na Ken was stunned.

Had the warlock started to attack the students already

“Kang Si, tell us the story again.”

Kang Si looked at the apprehensive Na Ken, and he cautiously said, “I am in charge of one of the most powerful teams in the test.

However, all of them lost their badges last night, and I found it strange.

Even though Cao Xu of the Swordsman Division is slightly impulsive and arrogant, Meng Yiheng and Shangguan Xiao from the Archer and Herbalist Divisions are quite reasonable.

They were the first team to be eliminated from the test.”

Na Kens jaw dropped.

He was unaware of that news.

When the students had split into teams, the teachers had quietly assessed them.

One of the strongest teams consisted of the top students from the divisions of Magus, Priests, and Knights.

They were Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi respectively, and they also had two first-year students from the Herbalism Division.

Another one of the most powerful teams consisted of the number one students from the divisions of Swordsmen, Archers, and Herbalists.

They were Cao Xu, Meng Yiheng and Shangguan Xiao respectively.

They also had Qian Shanni, who ranked second in the Priest Division, and Li Xiang, one of the top ten students in the Magus Division.

Both teams were equally matched if one were to judge them based on their strengths.

Na Ken was a teacher from Magus Division, and thus, he knew how talented Qi Xia was as a magus.

He could have trounced any second-ranked students.

However, Qi Xias team decided to take on two first-year students from the Herbalism Division, who would not have been able to help them at all.

So, Shangguan Xiaos team had a higher chance to win the test.

After all, the number one position that he had in the Herbalism Division was not just for show.

Even the teachers from the Herbalism Division were confident that Shangguan Xiao would be the first to produce the antidote.

Therefore, by comparison, Cao Xus team already had the upper hand.

It was hard to imagine that a strong team like theirs were the first to be eliminated from the test.

“I was curious as to how they were eliminated so early in the test, but I went to fetch them as the rules dictated.

However, I felt something was amiss when I got there.” He recalled how the other four members criticized Cao Xu unanimously.

They had said that he was the reason they had lost all of their badges.

As for Cao Xu, he had repeatedly refuted their accusations.

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