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Chapter 1451: Elf Kings Request (4)

Seemingly aware of Taoties grudge against him, the Elf King very generously delivered all the food in his palace to him.

Under the attack of a pile of delicacies, even though Taotie did not wag his tail at the Elf King, at least the way he looked at him was no longer naked with the wordwant to eat written on it.

“Taotie, did you say that those withered wood tastes awful Will you feel uncomfortable if you eat it” Even though she had promised the Elf King that she would help, Shen Yanxiao still had to consider Taoties condition.

When Taotie heard that, he was instantly struck dumb.

He even forgot to swallow the food in his mouth and it fell to the ground.

“Master… dont tell me… you want me to eat that” Taotie cried, tears streaming down his face without any shame.

If there was anything in this world that Taotie would not eat, the withered part of the Tree of Life would probably be ranked first!

“Yes,” Shen Yanxiao braced herself and said.

Taoties small face was filled with grievance, and his face was written withI dont want to eat, I really dont want to eat.

“Do I have to eat it” Taotie tried to bargain.

Shen Yanxiao asked, “Will it harm you”

Taotie shook his head and honestly said.

“It wont hurt me, but it does not taste good.”

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

Taotie, who could even eat tables and chairs with relish, actually had a sense of taste

“If theres no harm, then eat it.”

“Alright.” Taotie obediently nodded.

Seemingly knowing that he was about to eat something hard to swallow, he buried his head into the pile of food with even more relish.

This was the first time the Elf King witnessed Taoties appetite.

The Elf King was so shocked that his jaw nearly dropped.

After Shen Yanxiao took care of Taotie, she did not forget about Vermilion Bird.

She casually threw a fruit from her pocket to Vermilion Bird who caught it in confusion.

The Elf King narrowed his eyes.

Why was it that the more he looked at that fruit, the more he thought that it looked like the fruit of the Tree of Life

“Im not hungry.” Vermilion Bird looked at the fruit in his hand.

He was not interested in the fruit of elves.

“Eating it will allow you to recover from your injuries.” Shen Yanxiao said.

“This is the fruit of the Tree of Life” Vermilion Bird immediately reacted.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

The Elf Kings expression was somewhat strange…

Was it really okay for this girl to brazenly take out her loot in front of the owner

Even though he would agree to all of Shen Yanxiaos requests, but…

Taking and stealing… were two completely different concepts!

“How long would it take to remove the pollution in the Tree of Life” Wen Ya asked the crucial question as she watched her daughter feed the two adorable creatures.

“According to the previous time Taotie gnawed on the Tree of Life, it will take him at least two months.

If it is slow, it might take him three months.” The Elf King tried hard to forget the existence of the fruit.

Wen Ya nodded.

Shen Yanxiao quietly listened on one side.

Two to three months was just right for her.

She could break the last seal on the way, and after that was done, she could bring Taotie and Wen Ya back to the Brilliance Continent.

How are the five beasts of the Brilliance Continent

When she thought of her friends in the Brilliance Continent, Shen Yanxiao could not help but smile.

Time would pass very soon.

Sooner or later, she would have to return to her territory!

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