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Chapter 1450: Elf Kings Request (3)

Outside the palace, all the elves were solemnly waiting.

When they saw Shen Yanxiao, they immediately lifted their bows.

“Roar!” Taotie immediately roared at those elves and shifted his heavy body to defend Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao ignored those elves and walked to Taoties side.

She put one hand on him and started a conversation with him using her mental energy.



“If I asked you to eat something you dont like, would you be willing” Shen Yanxiao asked.

“Do you have to eat it”

“If I dont eat, I will be troubled.”

“Then I will eat it.

Even if its something I dont like, I will eat it if it is requested by Master.” The friendship when helping someone in their hour of need was deep.

Taotie always remembered that after he starved for a long time, it was Shen Yanxiao who gave him his first bite of food.

During this period of time, Taoties mouth had not been idle.

However, no matter how much he ate, Shen Yanxiao would not frown.

As long as he wanted to eat, Shen Yanxiao would satisfy him.


After you finish eating, I will bring you back to the Brilliance Continent and find you the best food.” Shen Yanxiao smiled.

Perhaps Taotie was not that smart, but all his emotions were very straightforward.

Disgust and fondness would be expressed bluntly.

“Yes, yes.”

The elves were unaware of the conversation between them.

They were merely standing guard.

Not long later, the Elf King walked out from the palace.

The moment he appeared, the elves immediately surrounded Shen Yanxiao and Taotie.

Vermilion Bird in the sky immediately spread its wings and prepared to attack.

However, the next second, he received Shen Yanxiaos orders not to attack.

“You may leave.

What happened today is a misunderstanding.

This human girl is my friend.

She was merely playful.” The Elf King stood before all the elves with a gentle smile and resolved Shen Yanxiaos farce.

The elves looked at each other, not knowing what had happened.

Why… did their king suddenly have such a good relationship with this human

Fen Chu was the first to rush to the Elf Kings side.

He looked at the Elf King with concern.

After ensuring that he was unharmed, he asked, “My king, why”

The Elf King gently shook his head.

“Go back and rest.”

Fen Chu gritted his teeth.

He had no choice but to follow the Elf Kings orders and order the members of the Silvermoon Guards to leave.

At the same time, he had also been forcefully dismissed by the Elf King.

After the elves left, Taotie and Vermilion Bird transformed into their human forms and stood by Shen Yanxiaos side.

The Elf King smiled as he looked at Taotie pulling Shen Yanxiaos sleeve.

It was hard to imagine that the beast would have such an adorable appearance after it transformed.

“Taotie” The Elf King bent down and looked at him.

Taotie frowned.

He did not forget that it was this elf who collaborated with other elves to suppress him and lock him up in the dungeon.

“Master, can he be eaten” Taotie pointed at the Elf King.

Shen Yanxiao was stunned for a moment before she burst into laughter.

“You cant eat him.”

This foodie!

He even wanted to eat the Elf King.

“Oh.” Taotie retracted his hand and looked at the Elf King with regret.

“Idiot.” Vermilion Bird shot a glance at Taotie.

If not for the Elf King, he would have kicked this idiot to death.

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