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Chapter 1446: Savage Father and Mother (1)

Wen Yas silence made the Elf King feel that the memories of the past were easily forgotten.

He sighed and turned to Shen Yanxiao.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I did not detain Shen Yu”

“What do you think” Shen Yanxiao sneered.

The Elf King forced a smile and said, “In fact, believe it or not, I did not detain your father.

After I arrested your mother and father that day, my original intention was indeed to separate them and detain them.

However, not long after your father was detained, a silver dragon came to Moonshine City and then it took your father away.

I have no idea where it went.”

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

She did not believe the Elf King.

However, Wen Ya revealed a trace of surprise after she heard what the Elf King said.

“Mother Do you know something” Shen Yanxiao looked at Wen Yas astonished gaze and asked.

Wen Ya bit her lips.

“If my guess is right, that silver dragon should be Long Shi.”

“Long Shi” Shen Yanxiao was puzzled.

However, the Elf King revealed a look of sudden realization.

“You mean Long Shi The Six-winged Silver Dragon Why would it take Shen Yu away”

Wen Ya held Shen Yanxiaos hand.

There was a trace of gratification and helplessness in her eyes.

“Your father, Shen Yu, is an outstanding man.

Do you know why I noticed him among tens of thousands of humans back then Because the first day I saw him, there was a dragon standing by his side.”

Shen Yanxiao could no longer describe her shock with words.

Her mother was savage enough to fight against the Chief Commander of the Silvermoon Guards, but her father did not concede defeat and even colluded with the dragons

Shen Yanxiao instantly felt that blood relations indeed had a huge influence.

Compared to her parents, the matter of her raising demons was not considered shocking!

“The Six-winged Silver Dragon is an expert at the peak of the Dragon race.

Your father is an interesting person, do you know that Your father did not sign a contract with any magical beast.

Even your grandfather could not do anything about that.

But no one knew that Shen Yu already had his own contracted beast, but it was not a magical beast, but a dragon.”

Wow! Her father could even deal with the dragons! Shen Yanxiao completely knelt down before him.

The Dragon race could be said to be the most powerful race other than the God race and the Devil race.

Their dragon scales were even more resilient than the toughest armor humans ever made, and any one of them would not be smaller than Vermilion Bird.

Dragons were greedy by nature.

They liked to collect all sorts of treasures and hoard until those treasures piled up like a mountain in their nest.

Their nest was comparable to the state treasury of the human empires!

In the past, there were many humans who wanted to steal the wealth of the Dragon race.

In the end, the dragon-slaying knights failed and all of them turned into piles of bones.

If the elves held a huge prejudice against humans, then the dragons could be said to be dismissive of humans!

For better or worse, the elves would trade with humans, but the dragons disdained to even converse with humans.

In their opinion, fragile humans were no different from ants on the ground.

How capable was Shen Yu to have signed a contract with a dragon

Furthermore, it was a six-winged silver dragon that was second only to an eight-winged golden dragon among the dragons

Shen Yanxiao found it hard to imagine that her parents were so savage that she felt that her achievements were extremely negligible in comparison!!

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