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Chapter 1431: Elf King (1)

Wen Ya!

Shen Yanxiaos heart pounded violently.

The impact when she saw the phantom and the physical body was entirely different.

The kinship in her blood made her subconsciously want to walk over, but her rationality suppressed her instincts.

Shen Yanxiao suppressed her internal excitement and shifted her gaze away from Wen Ya.

“It has been hard on you.

The Tree of Life is able to thrive and grow because of your care and concern.” The Elf King smiled.

His smile was similar to a wild lily blooming on the edge of a cliff.

His beauty was no longer limited to his gender.

All the Saintesses were intoxicated by the Elf Kings smile, practically no one could resist it.

He was the king of their hearts and their only belief.

“Boohoo, if the Elf King takes a fancy to me, I would be willing to lose a hundred years of my life.” Shi Dan covered her chest and revealed a smitten expression.

Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips.

Was he good-looking He was not as good-looking as her Xiu.

As if he had sensed Shen Yanxiaos thoughts, Xiu slightly curled his lips.

Immediately after, Shen Yanxiao realized her thoughts could be heard, and she instantly felt shy.

Her family…

Sobs, how shameless.

“Thank you, my king.” The elves stood up, but their eyes were still locked on the Elf King.

“You can continue with your work.

Dont worry about me.

I am only here to take a look,” the Elf King smiled and said.

Another group of lovestruck fools had their eyes bulging out.

Shen Yanxiao had countless handsome men by her side, and she even possessed the number one handsome man in the world.

Her defense against beauty was off the charts.

As a result, she was only initially surprised by the Elf Kings appearance.

Soon after, she started critiquing his appearance in her heart.

His eyes were not as deep as Xiu, his nose was not as good-looking as Xiu, his mouth was not as good-looking as Xiu, his eyebrows were not as good-looking as Xiu, and his physique was incomparable!

The thought of Xius faintly discernible eight-pack made Shen Yanxiao feel satisfied.

As expected, Xiu was the most good-looking one!

Ever since she confirmed herrelationship with Xiu, Shen Yanxiao regarded Xiu as her possession.

All the male creatures in the world had become dregs in front of Xiu.

Under the Elf Kings orders, the elves began their work.

However, all the Saintesses were maintaining their bearings at the highest level.

With a wave of their hands and a wave of their feet, they displayed their most beautiful posture and their best side to the Elf King.

Just like a group of peacocks, they would try their best to display their advantages in order to obtain the favor of the opposite gender.

Even a little girl like Shi Dan who was usually inconspicuous started to take small steps.

Shen Yanxiao instantly felt that she was too reserved in front of Xiu!

“Theyre too inexperienced.” Wen Ya, who had been watching a good show, was speechless when she saw their performance.

The Elf King turned to look at Wen Ya, a mixed-race who was once on the verge of becoming his wife.

His gaze was so gentle that one would think he was looking at his offspring, and the smile that instantly killed all the elves blossomed on his lips.

“They are still young.”

Wen Ya seemed to be immune to such a lethal smile.

There was practically no fluctuation in her expression.

“If you dont come out and provoke them, I believe they will be much more normal.”

Fen Chu frowned.

He disliked Wen Yas attitude towards the Elf King.

However, since the Elf King did not say anything, he could only silently stand on one side and guard.


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