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Chapter 144: Sobs, Im Not a Thief (2)

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A little kid, who probably had just learned how to walk, stood in front of Lin Ke with a veil that covered his face.

He looked very energetic with his little hands on his waist.

However, his slightly knitted eyebrows and grief-filled huge eyes looked out of place.

A certain heartless thief who hid in the dark immediately collapsed on the floor as she laughed at the arrogant mythical beast delivered a professional thiefs opening remarks that she had fabricated.

The speech was meant to show power when one blocked anothers path, but it only sounded adorable when a young voice said it.

Lin Ke was dumb-founded.

Where did that little kid come from Why did he have a pair of scarlet-red eyes Also, what did he just say

Even though he did not understand how the kid could say those words, he still managed to assume its meaning.

He was there to rob him!


Could a kid who only reached the height of his waist rob him

“Little… kid, are you lost” Lin Ke could not see the connection that the kid could have had with the violent thieves and mercenaries that supposedly entered the Obscure Forest to hunt magical beasts.

There were quite many low-level magical beasts in the forest, and mercenaries would hunt them for their magical cores.

So, it was not unreasonable for a little kid to jump out at him so suddenly.

“Youre the little kid.

Your whole family is a bunch of little kids!” The ten-thousand-year-old Vermillion Bird gritted his teeth as he glared at the reckless human.

At the same time, he cursed his master, who had no moral principles at all.

It was her stupid idea to have a magnificent mythical beast like him to impersonate a thieve to rob people!

Lin Ke was stunned by that baby-like voice and scratched his head as he did not know how to deal with him.

“Oh… okay.

Youre not a little kid, alright However, this place is not safe for a little kid like you…”

“F*ck your little lad.

Didnt you hear what I just said Im a thief!” At that moment, his eyes brimmed with unshed tears as he was aggrieved with the situation.

The Vermillion Bird had never suffered such humiliation.

He thought about the times he had collaborated with his previous masters, and each occurrence was one that could shock the heavens.

Only an ignorant idiot would make him do something that was against his moral character.

The situation was made worse when the damned human refused to cooperate with his and completely disregarded his intention to rob him.

Lin Ke sighed and began to say, “Why are you so…” However, before he could finish his sentence, the Vermillion Bird exploded from anger and appeared in front of him in a flash.

His delicate small hand formed a little fist, and he punched Lin Ke before the latter could react.

Lin Ke wailed, and his body flew backward into the dense forest like a broken kite.

After a while, a thud was heard, as if something had fallen onto the ground.

Shen Yanxiaos mouth twitched as she looked at the mythical beast that attacked Lin Ke so brutally and then she walked toward him.

“Why do we need to be so troublesome We could just punch the lights out of him!” the Vermilion Bird said unhappily as he pulled the veil off his face.

Shen Yanxiao did not say anything as she lifted the mythical beast and dashed toward where Lin Ke would have landed.

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