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Chapter 1418: City of Elves (3)

Even though the Moon God Continent did not produce many gems, their mineral reserves were pretty good.

In addition, most elven weapons were made of wood, so ores would only be used for decorative swords and daggers Therefore, the prices of ores in the Lunar Continent were very low.

The minerals Shen Yanxiao wrote on the list contained a certain amount of elemental power.

It was not easy to notice anything amiss with the variety.

Shen Yanxiao had confirmed that Taotie could eat ores as well.

The elf quietly kept Shen Yanxiaos list and interspatial ring before she turned and followed the shopping team out of the city.

After the shopping team left, the Saintesses had to return to the Tree of Life to continue their work.

Duan Xue walked at the back of the elves with Shen Yanxiao following behind her secretly.

The two silhouettes, one big and one small, gradually disappeared from the elves line of sight.

Duan Xue unhurriedly found a remote corner and only stopped after ensuring there was no one around.

Shen Yanxiao walked to her side.

“I heard that you were allocated to the dungeon where Taotie is prisoned.

It has been hard on you.” Duan Xue looked at Shen Yanxiao gently.

Even though she was in the center of Moonshine City, she knew about Shen Yanxiaos situation.

“Its okay.” Shen Yanxiao touched her nose.

All the elves thought that it was hard for her to guard Taotie, but in fact, it was extremely easy for her.

In fact, the reason why the elves had such thoughts was firstly due to Taoties fierce reputation and secondly, An Ran, who was also guarding Taotie, had an exhausted appearance every time he left the dungeon.

Naturally, they believed that Shen Yanxiao was also suffering as much as An Ran.

“I have already inquired about the things Shen Jing asked me to inquire about.

However, I have just entered Moonshine City, so I do not know much about the elves here.

Thus, I wont be able to obtain accurate information very soon.

Please dont be anxious.” Duan Xues face carried a trace of apology.

“Its alright, I have to thank you for this,” Shen Yanxiao smiled and said.

“Even though I am not sure right now, I do have some information.

Last night when the Elf King was under the Tree of Life, I saw a female human standing by his side from afar.

That females appearance was seventy to eighty percent similar to Wen Ya.

As I had only seen her appearance, I was not too sure.

Moreover, she was quite far away from me.” Duan Xue looked at Shen Yanxiao with a trace of hesitation.

Shen Yanxiaos heart skipped a beat.

Wen Ya was with the Elf King

Even though Duan Xue could not be sure, Shen Yanxiao could practically confirm that the human female Duan Xue saw was Wen Ya!

Otherwise, why would she look so similar to Wen Ya

Furthermore, Moonshine City was the most important city for the elves, so it was impossible for humans to enter so easily.

Other than Wen Ya, Shen Yanxiao could not think of any other possibilities.


Werent Wen Ya and Shen Yu imprisoned in Moonshine City If that was the case, why was Wen Ya with the Elf King

“Whats the relationship between that woman and the Elf King” Shen Yanxiao asked in detail.

Duan Xue said, “They would occasionally converse with each other, and it seems like their relationship is very harmonious.

The Elf King was also very polite to her.

He did not show any disrespect.”

Shen Yanxiao breathed a sigh of relief, but even more questions lingered in her mind.

Why was Wen Ya with the Elf King

Where did her father, Shen Yu, go


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