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Chapter 1417: City of Elves (2)

The next day, Shen Yanxiao asked An Ran to take her place to look after Taotie while she followed Mo Yu to one of the gates of Moonshine City.

In front of the gate, dozens of female elves in light green dresses stood there in unison.

In this city filled with male elves, it became a beautiful scenery.

The elves who were selected as Saintesses were very talented and perceptive.

Correspondingly, their appearance was also first class.

With such a group of beauties standing together, it caused those hot-blooded men to be greedy.

If not for the little bit of calmness that elves possessed, the members of the Silvermoon Guards would probably howl like wolves!

Girls! They were all girls!

The male elves widened their eyes to the extent that their eyeballs were about to fall out, but no one dared to step forward and converse with those Saintesses.

Perhaps someone there would become the wife of the Elf King in the future.

Even if they were given a hundred guts, they would not dare to have any designs on her.

Of course, if the Elf King were to get married, these elves would not be so polite.

Shen Yanxiao saw Duan Xue standing at the edge of the group at a glance.

She was as quiet and gentle as usual with a friendly smile on her lips.

From time to time, she would converse with a rather pretty female elf.

“You can go ahead.

Ive already informed them.

If you need anything, just tell that elf in charge of shopping.” Mo Yu was usually quite casual, but he was rather reserved in front of the female elf.

Shen Yanxiao

Could an underaged girl be called a girl

Shen Yanxiao walked towards the group of Saintesses, and what welcomed her were pairs of curious yet calm eyes.

Shen Yanxiao quietly walked to Duan Xues side, and both of them revealed a knowing smile.

The Saintesses stepped forward one by one and handed over the items they needed to the elves.

When it was Shen Yanxiaos turn, she walked over and handed a long list and a space ring to the elf.

The elves in Moonshine City would have a fixed source of income every month, and the amount was rather large.

They would usually have to pay for whatever they needed to bring.

Shen Yanxiao gave her an interspatial ring, and the elf was confused by it.

“I need a lot of things.

Its written on the list.

The money is in the interspatial ring.

You can put it in the interspatial ring once youve bought it,” Shen Yanxiao explained.

The elf nodded.

She was curious about how many items a little elf could need.

Moreover, she had given her an interspatial ring to use.

However, when she saw what was listed on Shen Yanxiaos list, she immediately gasped.

“You… why do you need so many ores”

The list was densely packed with various minerals.

No wonder Shen Yanxiao wanted to use her interspatial ring.

Otherwise, it would probably not fit even if she brought ten carriages with her.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, “I like forging, but I didnt prepare any ores before I came here, so Ill have to trouble this sister to help me out.

Thank you.”

The elf hesitated for a moment before she nodded.

How long would it take for Shen Yanxiao to use so many ores

Shen Yanxiao was also in a dilemma.

With Taoties appetite, he would not never have enough food.

Most importantly, she did not dare to purchase food so outwardly.

After all, she was responsible for guarding Taotie.

If she were to purchase large quantities of food, it was hard to guarantee that she would not be discovered.


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