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Chapter 1403: Taotie (1)

Never in her wildest dreams did Shen Yanxiao expect that her first mission once entering the Moonshine City would be for her to become abeast tamer.

Furthermore, it was the holy beast that Vermilion Bird had a deep hatred for!

Fates arrangement was indeed intriguing.

After Taotie quieted down, the Enchanters added some more runes before the elves gathered in the dungeon dispersed.

Mo Yu secretly gave Shen Yanxiao a look and told her to be careful.

Guarding the dungeon was not considered a dangerous task.

However, as they were faced with a holy beast that could go berserk at any time, the situation became extremely precarious.

This was similar to the modern cash carrier.

They would either stay safe for the rest of their lives or die the moment something happened.

“The leader asked us to take turns to keep watch.

What do you think is appropriate” After the elves left, An Ran started to discuss with Shen Yanxiao about their shifts.

An Ran was accustomed to listening to Shen Yanxiaos opinions.

He did not find it embarrassing to ask for advice from an underaged elf.

Shen Yanxiao touched her chin and looked at Taotie who was staring at her and An Ran with his scarlet eyes.

The position Fen Chu arranged for her was easy, but it had restricted Shen Yanxiaos range of activities to a large extent.

In this situation, it was completely unfavorable for her to search for Wen Ya and Shen Yus whereabouts in Moonshine City.

“How about this, Ill be in charge during the day and you can come back at night.” Shen Yanxiao thought for a moment.

Fen Chus intention should be to ensure that there would be elves guarding the dungeon twenty-four hours a day.

In that case, she could stay here during the day and hand it over to An Ran at night.

After all, acting at night was more beneficial for her.


If youre tired, you can let me know in advance and Ill come earlier.

Youre still a growing child, dont work yourself too hard.” An Ran nodded.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, “Rest assured, I wont be polite with you.

Go back first and change shifts with me at dusk.”

After giving his instructions, An Ran left the dungeon.

In the huge dungeon, all the elves were now gone, leaving Shen Yanxiao alone to guard Taotie.

In fact, there were dozens of Silvermoon Guards guarding the temple above the dungeon.

The dungeon that imprisoned Taotie was only a part of the temple, meaning that there were otherprisoners imprisoned in other areas.

Shen Yanxiao pulled up a chair and sat down opposite Taotie.

She was filled with curiosity about this magical beast that fought to the death with Vermilion Bird.

Taoties outer appearance was extremely savage.

Even if he looked like an incomparably savage magical beast, he was worthy of his name as a vicious beast.

Those eyes that were of the same color as Vermilion Bird were filled with greed, killing intent and bloodlust.

If it were not for the suppression of so many enchantments, Taotie would have devastated Moonshine City beyond recognition.

Shen Yanxiao was curious as to what method the elves used to capture this huge beast and how they suppressed it in this dungeon that was hundreds of meters deep.

While Shen Yanxiao was observing Taotie, he was also observing the little elf before him.

With Shen Yanxiaos petite size, she was not even as big as one of its scales.

With her small physique, it was not even enough to fill the gaps between its teeth.

However, it was this seemingly fragile little elf that had the courage to sit face to face with it.

Her expression was also surprisingly calm.

This kind of expression was different from what he was used to seeing in other elves.

Taotie was used to the elves fearful gazes so Shen Yanxiaos nonchalant gaze made him uncomfortable.


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