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Chapter 141: All is Understood, and No Words are Necessary (5)

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Shen Yanxiao did not believe that the teachers from the Saint Laurent Academy would neglect such a huge loophole.

In any case, she was not too eager to look for her next target, so she might as well watch Cao Xus team situation from afar.

Just when Cao Xu and his team had a wishful mentality as they believed that they could manage to evade their predicament…

A black-robed middle-aged man with a wooden staff appeared at the entrance of the cave.

The sudden emergence of the middle-aged man immediately attracted the attention of the youths who were discussing how they were to gather the medicinal ingredients.

Li Xiang paled the moment he saw the middle-aged man.

“Teacher Kang Si!” Li Xiang exclaimed apprehensively.

Cao Xu and the rest also trembled at the sight of the man.

The man in front of them was not a stranger.

He was Teacher Kang Si who had previously led them into the Obscure Forest, and he was also responsible for their grades in the test.

Not only that, Kang Si was also a teacher of the Magus Division, and he happened to be Li Xiangs teacher.

“Why… why are you here” Li Xiang looked at Teacher Kang Si with a guilty conscience, and he subconsciously wanted to cover the void on his chest.

Kang Sis deep gaze swept across everyone before he spoke with an air of indifference.

“Im here to bring you out of the Obscure Forest.”


Kang Sis words stunned Li Xiang and the members of his group.

Had Kang Si already discovered the fact that they had all lost their badges It seemed impossible as none of them crushed the signal crystal!

It was as if he had guessed their thoughts, and Kang Si replied them with disdain, “Do you honestly believe that I have no other methods to learn if you have been disqualified from the test if you do not crush the signal crystal Youre too naive!”

Li Xiang and others gulped.

Even the most arrogant Cao Xu did not dare to be unruly in front of Kang Si.

“Didnt you notice that the teachers responsible for leading the students into the Obscure Forest for this test were all from the Magus Division” Kang Si kept his stare on those five nervous expressions as he spoke.

“Before you entered the Obscure Forest, Ive already cast a layer of perception magic onto your badges.

Once all of your badges left your body, I will immediately be notified.”

When they heard Kang Sis words, it was as if they had been showered with cold water.

The last shred of hope that the team had held on to had finally brought despair onto them.

“Teacher Kang Si, please listen to me! It was an accident.

Its all Cao Xus fault.

If it were not for him, I would never have lost my badge!” Li Xiang walked toward Kang Si in a flurry as he attempted to redeem himself.

“Teacher Kang Si, please give us more time.

We might have only lost our badges somewhere in the cave.

Please allow us some time to search for it.” Meng Yiheng also hastily spoke.

Kang Si laughed grimly.

As he looked at those struggling students, he coldly said, “Just give up.

With the perception magic that I had cast, it would not have been triggered if the badge is somewhere within your ten-meter radius.

I have sensed the alarm, and so I can tell you now that your badges are no longer within the cave.”

The entire cave was, at most, only a dozen square meters in size.

Furthermore, Cao Xus team were scattered around the cave.

If their badges were still in the cave, they would have sensed them already.

Kang Sis explanation was like a death penalty for Cao Xu and his team.

The five high-spirited youths immediately deflated like wilted eggplants.

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