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Chapter 1390: Lets Compare Whos More Ruthless (10)

Yu Mu was gambling.

She was betting on An Yans position in Shen Yanxiaos heart.

An Yan went to the Qingyuan Tribe for Shen Yanxiaos sake.

It was impossible that Shen Yanxiao did not care about her at all.

Otherwise, she would not have proposed such a condition to him.

It could be said that An Yan was the only bargaining chip Yu Mu had to negotiate with Shen Yanxiao.

He could only hold on to An Yans life and negotiate with Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled and did not respond to Yu Mus threat.

She directly raised her hand and pulled out the arrow that pierced through Yu Yings left hand.

The next second, she nailed it on Yu Yings wrist.

Miserable screams immediately echoed throughout the land!

“Yu Mu, dont be mistaken.

Right now, I have your daughter in my hands.

You should know very well that An Yan has nothing to do with me.

I only tried to save her in passing.

If you are unwilling to hand her over, I dont mind.

At most, I will vent my anger on your daughter.

Id like to see if An Yan is more important in my heart or Yu Ying is more important in your heart.” Shen Yanxiao evilly curled her lips, just like a demon descending.

Yu Mu was completely dumbstruck.

Looking at his daughters pale face and listening to Shen Yanxiaos extremely cruel words, Yu Mu felt he was about to go crazy.

“Yan Xiao, dont go too far.

An Yan came to the Qingyuan Tribe for you.

Can you really bear to see her suffer” Yu Mus heart clenched.

However, he did not dare to promise Shen Yanxiao so easily.

An Yan was his last bargaining chip.

He did not believe that Shen Yanxiao was as heartless as she claimed.

“Is that so” Shen Yanxiao revealed a cruel smile.

She suddenly stood up and stepped on Yu Yings back.

Bending over, she pulled out the dagger pinned on Yu Yings right hand.

“Kill An Yan.

I will sever your daughters meridians right now.

You will know very soon if I cant bear to do so.” Shen Yanxiao held the blood-stained dagger and her green eyes narrowed.

She did not seem to be joking at all.

Seeing that Shen Yanxiao was about to attack, Yu Mu could not help but shout.

“Dont hurt Xiaoying! I promise you! I promise you anything! Ill release An Yan right now!”

Shen Yanxiao was a lunatic!

A complete lunatic!

Yu Mu no longer had the courage to continue gambling with Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao was right.

Even if she was related to An Yan, they were not related by blood.

However, Yu Ying was his only daughter.

If Shen Yanxiao decided to abandon An Yan, wouldnt his daughter be killed by his stubbornness

Yu Mu could not afford it so he did not dare to continue gambling.

Shen Yanxiao smiled with satisfaction and gracefully sat back on the chair.

This was her game, and everything was under her control.

Yu Mu could never turn the tables!

It was fine if she did not make a move, but once she did, she would have to win!

Looking at Shen Yanxiao forcing Yu Mu into a dead end step by step, Wu En and the rest standing at the door had complicated expressions.

In their mind, Shen Yanxiao had always been a gentle and kind little elf that respected the old and loved the young.

Never in their wildest dreams did they expect that Shen Yanxiao would do such a thing.

Looking at the miserable Yu Ying, Wu En and the rest had mixed feelings.

They were all elves of the older generation, and they had not been corrupted by pollution, so it was hard for them to accept such a bloody scene.

They hoped that Shen Yanxiao would give Yu Ying a quick death and not torture her like this.


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