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Chapter 1384: Lets Compare Whos More Ruthless (4)

While Yu Mu welcomed Wu En and the rest into the tribe with complicated feelings, an unexpected guest arrived at the back door of the Qingyuan Tribe.

Shen Yanxiao nimbly hid under the wall and carefully used her perception to investigate the other side of the wall.

After ensuring there were no elves, she nimbly leaped over the wall and snuck into the Qingyuan Tribe like a nimble cat.

The entire Qingyuan Tribe was in a heated discussion due to the two visits An Yan and Wu En had made.

How could they have expected that aterrorist that drove them crazy had quietly entered their territory Right now, they were all busy watching either An Yan in the dungeon or Wu En in the main hall.

The entire backyard of the Qingyuan Tribe had been vacated.

Due to the fact that the tribe was built against a huge tree, branches hung low everywhere in the Qingyuan Tribe, allowing the dense branches and leaves to become a natural hiding place.

Shen Yanxiao dexterously scuttled between the branches and expanded her perception to the limit to search for that familiar scent in the huge Qingyuan Tribe.

Three minutes later, Shen Yanxiao locked onto her target.

She curled her lips and her eyes flickered with an extremely evil glint as she lurked towards her target.

Yu Ying laid on the bed with layers of white gauze wrapped around her slender neck.

She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling as she constantly repeated what happened the day before.

That handsome face of that battle was like a nightmare that lingered in Yu Yings mind, making her fearful and…

She could not forget him.

For an elf, it was hard for beauty to attract the opposite gender.

Shui Miao was very good-looking, but he was merely so-so in Yu Yings eyes.

However, when that mysterious and cold human appeared before her, Yu Ying finally understood why humans would chase after those beautiful people like crazy.

Because in this world, there was really such a beautiful face that one could not shift their gaze away from.

Yu Ying lifted her hand with great difficulty and touched the bandage on her neck.

That face brought about a nightmare.

She still could not understand why that human would attack her.

Because of Shen Yanxiao


Yu Ying decisively rejected that possibility.

Even though Shen Yanxiaos facial features were impeccable, she was still a young elf.

In terms of temperament, she could not be compared to her.

Yu Ying gritted her teeth as her heart was filled with complicated emotions.

She was afraid to see that human because he had nearly killed her.

However, she desperately wanted to see him again…

The female elf, who stood by the bed to serve Yu Ying, quietly looked at her young mistresss complicated expression before tilting her head as if she was thinking about something.

A chill suddenly swept past that elfs back.

She turned back in doubt and found nothing unusual.

However, the moment she turned back, she felt a sharp pain from her back.

The next second, she fell asleep in the darkness.

A muffled drop interrupted Yu Yings daze.

She frowned and propped herself up, wanting to scold that clumsy elf maid.

However, when she saw who stood before her bed, her entire face turned deathly white.

Shen Yanxiao crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows.

She revealed a wicked smile as she looked at the shocked Yu Ying.

“Yo, Miss Yu Ying, are you recovering well You can even sit up by yourself.”


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