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Chapter 1382: Lets Compare Whos More Ruthless (2)

An Yan took a deep breath.

“Do as you wish.

I just hope that you still have some credit as the leader of the tribe.

Dont cause trouble for Yan Xiao from now on.”

She had lived long enough, and Shen Yanxiao was still young.

She still had countless years waiting for her, so why not let this incompetent grandmother end everything

“As expected of the leader of the Moonshine Tribe, you are indeed courageous.

However…” A trace of viciousness flashed past Yu Mus eyes.

“I will take your life.

This is your Moonshine Tribes compensation to our Qingyuan Tribe.

However, it is absolutely impossible for me to let that little elf named Yan Xiao go!”

“Yu Mu, youre shameless!” An Yan glared at Yu Mu.

She did not expect him to be so vicious.

“Shameless My daughter is still lying on the bed.

Shui Ling was killed by that little elf and Shui Miao had to invite himself to the Moonlight Coast because of her.

Now that my daughter has been severely injured by her, this debt cant be settled so easily!” Yu Mu narrowed his eyes and immediately waved his hand for the elves to take An Yan down.

Just as An Yan wanted to resist, Yu Mus words made her give up all her actions.

“An Yan, you can struggle if you wish, but I will bring all the elves of the Qingyuan Tribe to Jadeite City right now.

If you surrender obediently, I can give that little elf one more day of rest.” Yu Mu smiled wickedly.

An Yan slowly lowered her hand.

The elves around An Yan did not dare to act rashly.

Since An Yan could become the leader of the Moonshine Tribe, she must be powerful.

Truthfully speaking, they were not her opponents.

“A wise choice.” Yu Mu looked at An Yans compromise with satisfaction.

“What are you waiting for Invite Leader An Yan in.”

Those elves hesitated to extend their hands, but An Yan shot them a cold glance.

All of them stood rooted on the spot, not daring to move in the slightest.

“I can walk on my own.

You dont have to do anything.” An Yan raised her head arrogantly and walked toward the entrance of the Qingyuan Tribe.

Xiaoxiao, I hope An Feng will tell you everything.

You must leave Jadeite City and return to the Moonlight Tribe as soon as possible.

Only then can your safety be ensured.

For the sake of her granddaughter, the proud queen ultimately chose to put down her weapon and walked into the enemys cage.

On the other side, Shen Yanxiao and her entourage had arrived at Wind City.

Along the way, Shen Yanxiao had explained everything and Vermilion Bird was eager to get into action.

“The Qingyuan Tribe is not far away.

Xiaoer, you have to be prepared for a tough fight.” Wu En patted Shen Yanxiaos shoulder.

The moment they entered Wind City, he had already sent an elf to the advanced training camp to inform Elder Yue.

He believed that Elder Yue and Lan Si would arrive soon.

“Theres no hurry.

Grandpa Wu En, take Vermilion Bird with you.

I still have something to grab.” A nasty smile curled up on Shen Yanxiaos fair and clean face.

The evil glint dancing in her eyes was horrifying.

Previously, she was an idiot and thought that elves and humans would be different.

That was why she suffered a defeat.

Right now, she had already thought it through.

Both elves and humans had their own dark side.

In that case, she did not have to be polite with them.

The Qingyuan Tribe was still too inexperienced to fight with a scourge like her!


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