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Chapter 1381: Lets Compare Whos More Ruthless (1)

An Yan stood in front of the gates of the Qingyuan Tribe and looked at Yu Mu who stood in front of her with a few elf guards by his side.

Looking up at the sky, An Yan had not set foot in Wind City for a long time.

Ever since the Moonshine Tribe was demoted, she had never returned.

With the exception of An Ran, all the elves of the Moonshine Tribe had left their homeland.

The Moonshine Tribe was demoted, and the entire tribe was moved to Jadeite City.

However, the elves of the Moonshine Tribe were still black elves so they still had the right to enter the city.

However, other than An Ran, no one else came.

The elves of the Moonshine Tribe would never betray their tribe.

An Yan was born in Wind City, and she had grown up there.

Here, she was selected as the leader of a tribe to protect the elves of their tribe.

And today, An Yan knew that she would be buried here.

“Yu Mu, I will resolve the matter between your Qingyuan Tribe and Yan Xiao.

Yu Ying is severely injured, and I know that you will not take things lying down.

Therefore, I will bear your revenge on behalf of Yan Xiao.

I hope that after today, the Qingyuan Tribe will not bring this matter up again.” An Yan took a deep breath.

Even after she took off the leaders robe, her aura did not diminish in the slightest.

She was the leader of the Moonshine Tribe, the queen of the Moonshine Tribe.

Even if she took off her crown, no one would dare to belittle her.

Yu Mu was the leader of the Qingyuan Tribe.

The Qingyuan Tribe had been at odds with the Moonshine Tribe for a long time, and it could be said that An Yan was his old rival.

He did not expect An Yan to come alone.

Some were surprised, but some were angry.

Yu Mu was not even willing to let An Yan step into the Qingyuan Tribe.

He only asked her to stand in front of the gate and accept the elves scrutinizing gazes.

“An Yan, youve really surprised me.

Havent you always prioritized the Moonshine Tribe Why do you have to sacrifice yourself for an elf from another tribe” Yu Mu sized up An Yan who had fought with him for so many years.

The former queen was standing alone in front of the gates of their tribe, and her slender figure seemed so thin.

An Yan said with a calm expression, “The Moonshine Tribe is indebted to Yan Xiao, and they will not be ungrateful.

Moreover, the grudge between Yan Xiao and the Qingyuan Tribe is also because of the elves of the Moonshine Tribe.

There is no need for her to bear this crime.”

Yu Mu smiled.

He looked at An Yan as if he was looking at a joke.

“What did I just hear The iceberg queen would also say such sentimental words Why do I remember that when her husband was killed, you were not even willing to help Also, that mixed-race daughter of yours, Wen Ya, why werent you the least bit anxious when she was detained in Moonshine City An Yan, youre too funny.

You were unwilling to even save the two people closest to you, and now, you have the cheek to say such words and use yourself to save an elf of another tribe.

An Yan, are you crazy”

An Yan was so calm that she was almost callous.

She only had eyes for the Moonshine Tribe and nothing else.

Yu Mu found it hard to believe that a woman with a heart of stone would sacrifice her life for someone else.

There was no change in An Yans expression, as if Yu Mus mocking was not directed at her.

Yu Mu stared at An Yans detestable face and slowly said, “An Yan, my daughters injuries are very severe.

It wont be easy for you to replace that little elf.”


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