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Chapter 1376: Youre Not a Woman If You Dont Take Revenge (1)

Xiu did not show much restraint.

Either he did not attack, or he would take someones life the moment he attacked.

Yu Yings identity as a Saintess had really saved her life.

It could be said that Yu Yings injuries were more fatal than Shen Yanxiaos.

But even if she had the fruit of the Tree of Life, she would not fully recover without a long period of recuperation.

That would pose a bigger problem for Shen Yanxiao.

The Qingyuan Tribe was already furious when Shui Miao was killed.

Now that Yu Ying was half dead, the Qingyuan Tribe would definitely not take things lying down.

“An Feng, do you know I am very regretful right now.

I regret letting Yan Xiao go out alone.” An Yan looked at the closed door, not knowing whether she was speaking to An Feng or confessing to herself.

“I know that Yu Ying would never let this matter go so easily, but I cannot stand by Yan Xiaos side for the sake of the Moonshine Tribe.

I have to protect the Moonshine Tribe and not allow any harm to come to the elves in the tribe.

I have always regarded the safety of the Moonshine Tribe as my lifes responsibility, but just a moment ago, I regretted it.” An Yans voice did not fluctuate much, but the expression in her eyes was like a huge wave.

“When Wen Ya was in trouble, I could not help her.

Now that Yan Xiao is in trouble, I still could not help her…” A bitter smile curled on An Yans lips.

She was not a good mother nor a good grandmother.

An Feng frowned.

Wen Yas matter had always been a sore spot for An Yan.

“If the Qingyuan Tribe wishes to make things difficult for Yan Xiao again, I will not make the same choice as today.

An Feng, if I am gone, I will leave the Moonshine Tribe to you to protect.” The fluctuations in An Yans eyes instantly condensed into a determined gaze.

She had devoted her entire life to the Moonshine Tribe.

She failed to protect her husband, her daughter, and her granddaughter.

Right now, she felt exhausted.

She wanted to be An Yan, not the leader of the Moonshine Tribe.

An Feng gritted his teeth.

He knew that An Yan had made up her mind.

Up in the sky, the huge flaming bird dashed over at an astonishing speed.

In the blink of an eye, the firebird turned into a ball of fire and smashed towards the Moonshine Tribe.

Vermilion Bird rushed to An Yans side with a murderous aura while covered in scarlet flames.

He did not even look at the two elves standing at the door as he directly pushed the door and entered!

As Shen Yanxiaos contracted mythical beast, he could clearly sense that Shen Yanxiao had suffered tremendous damage, and now there was only one thought in his mind.

He wanted to see Shen Yanxiao!

Vermilion Bird entered the room with a whoosh.

All of a sudden, he saw Shen Yanxiao lying on the bed with the bed sheet that was covered with blood.

Vermilion Birds mind exploded!

His eyes instantly turned bloodshot!

Ever since he met Shen Yanxiao, he had never seen her with such serious injuries.

In his heart, Shen Yanxiao was an unscrupulous and crafty master.

She would never allow herself to be taken advantage of, and she would never allow her opponent to harm her in the slightest.

However, when Vermilion Bird saw Shen Yanxiaos current situation, he only had one thought in his mind!

Kill all the creatures that had hurt Shen Yanxiao!

Be it humans or elves, he would use flames to burn them into ashes!

“Vermilion Bird” Shen Yanxiao endured the bone-chilling pain and looked up at Vermilion Bird covered in flames with great difficulty.

Vermilion Birds tears instantly overflowed.

Two streams of tears flowed down from the corner of the arrogant mythical beasts eyes.


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