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Chapter 1363: A Wave Of Unrest Has Started Again (4)

Shen Yanxiao felt helpless.

She did not expect Wu En and the rest to rush here.

Fortunately, the Qingyuan Tribe did not take any actions for the past few days.

Otherwise, she would not be able to stop them from interfering.

“Qianqian, Chenchen, this is Grandpa Wu En, and this is Grandpa Liang Qiu…” Shen Yanxiao looked at the two timid little guys.

She held their hands and brought them to Wu En and the others.

She introduced them one by one.

She could tell that Wu En and the rest really wanted little elves.

If Su Qian and Su Chen were to enter the Moonlight Tribe, their future achievements would not be low.

The two little guys were also very well-behaved as they followed Shen Yanxiao and called them grandfather.

Wu En and the others were elated when they heard that.

The more they looked at the two little guys, the more they liked them.

They couldnt wait to hold and kiss them.

Even though Shen Yanxiao had yet to reach adulthood, she was still a little elf that was about to reach adulthood and she was also a little girl.

Even though the few old men liked her very much, they could not do anything too intimate.

However, Su Qian and Su Chen were real boys so it did not matter if they were intimate.

Perhaps Wu En and the others were too enthusiastic, but Su Qian and Su Chen were obviously afraid of strangers.

After they called them grandfather, they quietly hid behind Shen Yanxiao.

“In the future, Ill have to ask everyone in the Moonlight Tribe to take good care of these two children.” An Yan smiled.

The Moonlight Tribe had taken in Su Yue and his grandchildren, and An Yan had also been very kind to them.

Now that she saw that the two little guys were about to have a better future, she was also very happy.

Most importantly, Shen Yanxiao had thought of that.

The Moonlight Tribe lacked fresh blood, but with Elder Yue and the rests personalities, they would never ask for elves from other tribes.

Even though Su Qian and Su Chen were not real elves of the Moonshine Tribe, they were raised in the Moonshine Tribe after all.

An Yan and the rest could not possibly hand over the two children to the Moonlight Tribe without any reason.

Firstly, it was because the Moonshine Tribe was in a sorry state.

If they wanted to hand over their tribes elves to the Moonlight Tribe, it would make the other elves feel that they were trying to climb up their ranks.

Secondly, ever since the Moonshine Tribe was demoted, the contact between the two tribes had decreased and there were not many opportunities to communicate.

Shen Yanxiao could be said to be the most suitable candidate.

She was an elf of the Moonlight Tribe and also personally knew the Moonshine Tribe.

Therefore, it was best for her to come out and discuss this matter.

In addition, Su Qian and Su Chen liked Shen Yanxiao very much.

With her as a guarantor, the two shy little guys would not be too conflicted.

“Youre too kind.

I can see that these two kids are very fond of each other.

Its also time for the Moonlight Tribe to bring in fresh blood.

However, its rare that Su Yue is willing to let go.

I didnt see Su Yue.

Where is he” Wu En smiled and said.

From his words, he seemed to be familiar with the grandfather of the two kids.

“Su Yues health is not good.

He is basically taking care of his health.

If Great Master Wu En wants to meet him, I will bring you there later,” An Yan smiled and said.

“No hurry, no hurry.

Its rare for us to come out of Wind City, and Xiaoer will be entering Moonshine City soon.

We need to have a good chat with this little girl,” Wu En said with a smile.

Even though Su Qian and Su Chen were likable, they could not compare to Shen Yanxiaos status in their hearts.

After all, they were related by blood.

Moreover, this little girl was so sensible and knew to find suitable elves for the Moonlight Tribe to join.

How could they not like her


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