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Chapter 1341: Trouble (5)

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Shui Miaos complexion alternated between green and white from Shen Yanxiaos words.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect this little elf to be so eloquent.

She had embarrassed him without using any vulgarities.

“You have a sharp tongue, but even if you have a mouthful of sharp teeth, it will not change your fate today,” Shui Miao angrily said.

He was not here to accompany this arrogant little kid to bicker!

“Yan Xiao, do you admit that you killed my brother, Shui Ling, a member of the highest-ranking tribe”

Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

“Young man, my condolences.

I know that you and your brother have a good relationship, but even if he were to die, you as his brother cant drag me along and convict me of crime for no reason.

If I was the one who killed Shui Ling, the generals in the advanced training camp would have long removed my head.

How could they possibly let you question me”

Shui Miao snorted and said, “Dont assume that I dont know that you are from the Moonlight Tribe.

Elder Yue is in charge of the camp, and who knows if you had blinded Elder Yues discerning eyes and allowed other generals to show you mercy on account of Elder Yue.

You can fool other elves, but you cant fool me.

Shui Ling has always been in good health and if not for you, how could he have lost his life!” Shui Miao did not believe Shen Yanxiaos words at all.

In his opinion, Shen Yanxiao was from the Moonlight Tribe and everyone knew that the elders there had always liked children.

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao had already joined the Moonlight Tribe and it was inevitable that Elder Yue would protect her due to her age.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

The elves of the Qingyuan Tribe were indeed the same.

When An Ran told Shui Ling about his training method, he was also in disbelief.

Now that it was his brother, Shui Miao, he was still the same.

She and An Ran were telling the truth.

“Its up to you to believe it or not.

But even if you really think I did it, so what Let me tell you, Shui Ling was injured in a spar with me.

Even if he died because of me, it was allowed by the advanced training camp.

At most, I was too heavy-handed.

Its not your turn to complain yet.” Shen Yanxiao was not polite in the slightest.

Since he believed she was the culprit, then so be it.

She and Shui Ling had been injured in an official spar, and that was a promise made in the advanced training camp.

Even if Shui Ling were to die from an injury, no one could criticize Shen Yanxiao for that.

“If you have to blame someone, blame your brother for his weak physique.

A small arrow wound can cause him to lose his life, and an elf like him still wants to enter the Silvermoon Guards If he doesnt stay at home to take care of his delicate physique, what good would it do if he were to be exposed to the elements” Shen Yanxiao disliked those unreasonable people.

She would usually be extremely impolite and mock them.

A competition of poisonous words

Other than Qi Xia, the profiteer in Sun Never Sets, Shen Yanxiao had not found another living being that could rival her.

In Shen Yanxiaos eyes, Shui Miao was merely a kid.

Believe it or not, she could make this self-opinionated elf vomit blood just by using her mouth.

“You stinky girl! You killed Shui Ling and even insulted him!” Shui Miao was furious.

He had never seen such a shameless elf!

A series of curses without any vulgarities made Shui Miao so angry that he nearly vomited blood.

She even said that Shui Lings physique was weak and should be raised at home!

Did she think Shui Ling was a canary

The expressions of the elves from the Qingyuan Tribe were getting increasingly ugly, as if they wished they could pounce over and eat Shen Yanxiao.


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