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Chapter 1324: Compensation (3)

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“Its nothing, its nothing!” The Moonshine Tribe elves hastily shook their heads.

Even though Shen Yanxiaos gems had brought them some trouble, now that the problem had been resolved, there was no loss for them.

Instead, it was Shen Yanxiaos gems that had brought about a huge profit to their trading house.

Therefore, they had to thank Shen Yanxiao.

Duan Yuan said, “This matter was not handled well.

I apologize to both of you here.”

As the matter was more or less settled, Duan Yuan opened the cage and released the Moonshine Tribe elves.

The elf sent by Duan Yuan to fetch gems and crystal coins had just arrived.

Duan Yuan wanted to end things as soon as possible, but everything that followed was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, blasting his soul out of his body.

“City Lord! Oh no… the gems and crystal coins we seized from the Moonshine Trading House… are all gone.” The elf who came to report almost cried.

“Wh… what…” Duan Yuan felt as if he was struck by lightning and nearly fell.

“Have you checked it out Could it have been placed in a corner that you did not notice” Duan Yuan became anxious.

The amount of gemstones and crystal coins collected from the Moonshine Trading House was rather large.

If they were to lose them in the storeroom of the city lords mansion… then the matter would not be resolved.

The elf put on a long face and said, “Ive checked, theres really nothing.”

Duan Yuans complexion turned deathly pale in an instant.

They had just returned the Moonshine Tribes innocence, but they could no longer find the money they had confiscated.

This was simply too heartbreaking.

The elves of the Moonshine Tribe were also stunned.

They did not expect Duan Yuan to pocket the money.

However, the storeroom of the city lords mansion was also rather well guarded.

How did it disappear without a reason

Only a certain unscrupulous thief had a calm expression without the slightest trace of panic from losing her money.

However, a certain thief was calm because…


“Duan Yuan! You have to explain this matter to me! Didnt you say you would return our gems and crystal coins I think you just want to keep it for yourself! What do you mean by using the gems of unknown origin to detain the elves of the Moonshine Tribe Its basically because youve taken a fancy to those gems and money!” Vermilion Bird instantly exploded!

He insisted that Duan Yuan must have embezzled those gems and crystal coins.

Duan Yuan looked at Vermilion Bird as if weeping but had no tears.

He honestly did not have such thoughts.

However, now that the money was missing, he felt guilty..

After all, it had always been in the storeroom of the mansion.

“Well done! Let me tell you, if you dont hand over the crystal coins and jewels today, I will definitely burn down this mansion of yours!” Vermilion Bird angrily glared at Duan Yuan, as if he was about to set the mansion on fire.

Duan Yuan was honestly panicking.

He had no idea what was going on.

When he went to the storeroom the day before yesterday, he clearly saw the box of gems and crystal coins.

How did it disappear in a days time

Duan Yuan would never know that half a day ago, these items were still placed in the storeroom of the mansion.

However, a certain unscrupulous thief went to the storeroom of the mansion before she went to collect debts andconveniently took out all her belongings.

“Dont! Dont worry.

Even if the item is lost, I will compensate you! I will return all the gems and crystal coins intact.” Duan Yuan promised in a hurry.


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